Match Preview: The Tools to Beat Wolves and Do We Got ’em?

Hotspur_Page_1067Righto. Let’s just pretend those first two were warm-ups, shall we? The real season starts this weekend in a stadium not very near you. It’s Wolves away, dear reader, and quite literally the only way is up.

As you might recall, last year’s encounter at the Molinuex was a bit of a swizz. In the season’s dusk – where the last vapours of all things top-four were passing through our mitts like some slippery, elusive fog- this may’ve been the one that put pay to any hopes we might still have harboured. Three-apiece was the final verdict; a result which could’ve been much more had our rear-guard kept their knickers untangled and our numerous leads intact. And our mong-faced strike-force, I hear you ask? Surely they had some hand in it, right?

Well, believe it or not, two of our men up yonder were on target that afternoon. A phenomenon which occurred only once in the previous thirty-odd games. Blackburn at The Lane, in case you were wondering.

Back amongst the living and there’s one chap whom all eyes will be on tomorrow. The man who, after twelve months of extensive reconnaissance around Europe and beyond, Daniel Levy’s bank manager highly trained scouts gave a resounding PING of approval to. The man who, unless Defoe and company get their junk together pretty sharpish, all faith now rests. Emmanuel Adebayor.

Personally I can’t wait to see how he fits in. In a team renowned for its knack of creating chances- a trait somewhat overshadowed by its inability to convert them- it’s difficult to imagine him not scoring an absolute bucket load. Much depends, of course, on the deplorable ‘but where’s his head at?’ spiel. Is he going to do a mental? Oh I hope he doesn’t do a mental. Early signs look promising. Insomuch as there’re are a few pictures of him on the official site smiling and he’s told the press he fancies netting a few this year. No mention of any dressing room bust-ups or insurrections anywhere. Not even a little one.

Which is, you know, good.

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8 Responses to Match Preview: The Tools to Beat Wolves and Do We Got ’em?

  1. avatar ruetheday says:

    In fairness, Ade’s probably been on the receiving end of almost as many insurrections as he has initiated. No mention of Scotty Parker the party starter here – he’s set to play too, according to ‘Arry. I’ll take a dogged one-nil at this point in the season. Hearts was good for the highlights reel, but I’d be perfectly happy to see some Catenaccio up at Molineux: we can focus on the pretty stuff at the Lane, where there’s more of us to enjoy it.

    According to the Beeb ( ), Harry’s been geeing the lads up with some Henry V style motivational speaking:

    “I did feel things weren’t right here. I’d be lying if I said otherwise…I could tell there were too many players around that wanted to leave…It wasn’t creating the right atmosphere going into the new season…I was surprised by the result itself, 5-1. But I did feel at the time that things weren’t right here. Most of those lads got their moves…”

    Ok, perhaps not quite up there with St. Crispin’s day, but there’s at least some optimism implied.

    Luka Modric, who had been linked with Chelsea, was one who stayed and Redknapp admitted it had been a “difficult situation”.

    “I’ve always been brought up with the belief that, if people don’t want to play for your club then you move them on, but I love Luka as a player…I don’t know how he feels, you have to ask him. The window has passed. He’ll get on with his football.”


  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    No VDV and King with only an outside shot of playing. Sounds like we’ll be 442 by default, so:

    Bald Brad
    Corluka, Kaboul, Dawson, BAE
    Lennon, Modric, Parker, Bale
    Defoe, Adebayor

    • avatar Ruetheday says:

      I’d maybe leave Defoe out from that, chuck on another midfield body with Modric nominally in the hole – that way if Luka’s head isn’t right, Parker isn’t in midfield on his own for his debut (which could end up making him look a spectacular waste of money). And it’d be interesting to see Ade lead the line, which would give Defoe a point to prove when he came on (most likely for Modric).

      But I think Harry will go with your lineup, SSG.


  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Great result at a tough place to get something. Maybe Ade and JD can get a partnership going.

  4. avatar trembly says:

    our injury room could’ve beaten that lot. bar jamie oh, who wanted to really really make a point, they were toothless and tamer than a pack of puppies. we rode our luck a bit but you could see the swagger needed buulding, and i’m grateful th ok parker and togo agogo for that little bit extra we’ve been crying out for. early days but if all goes well, well should, do be right in the cl mix.

  5. avatar trembly says:

    touch screens are nit my friends

  6. avatar KayBee says:

    I’ve been away in Cornwall for just over a week, and was unable to see our Wolves win (unlike the Mancunian nightmares)… Oh, and look what has happened. I’m going to have to exile myself amongst the wicker men, no wifi zones and barking locals (literally, I’ll tell you about that another time) more often!

    Anyway, going by MotD, it was a slow first half, but I was impressed with Ade, and even Defoe. He looked genuinely hungry!

    Oh, and what a difference it makes having King back.

    Hail the King, baby!

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