Man vs Fulham | Spurs Ask For Triple Portions at The Cottage

A week’s a long time in football, the old saying goes. Or is that politics? Or prison? Hmm, well either way the point remains that seven days is a considerable stretch. Not long long like a year or anything (or even a month) just, you know, lengthy. Turn back them hands of time to last Sunday morning, for example, when Spurs were nine points worse off and that clinking you could hear was the sound of a shotgun barrel knocking against your teeth. I’ll bloody end it all if we lose to West Ham, I swear to god!

A week on from beating the Hammers plus victories against Liverpool and Fulham and suddenly there’s a warm glow on our faces and everything smells like banana flavoured Angel Delight again. The more things change, eh?

Back into 4th and level on points with Chelsea.

It was nice to see Sandro among the goals; his only other attack of the net-ruffles coming in similarly booming fashion against the abovementioned Russians, some twenty months ago. Schwarzer perhaps could’ve delayed its route to goal with a sturdier wrist but it was hit true and steady like an almighty b*stard, so there was no real shame in conceding. Here’re the words our man Andre used when asked about the Rhino from Riachinho.

“He’s such a good player. In a performance like this, it’s difficult to single out individuals, but Sandro has been amazing for us.”

Amazing’s the word. Now all we need is The Boy Parker back in action if only to allow Sandro a minute or two’s breather. There’s a case to made in playing them both in order to get Dembele further up upfield, but that’s for another day.

I’ll leave you happy souls with a video of hollow-legged calorie-vacuum, Adam Richman, presenter of Man vs. Food and bonafide Spurs aficionado. To anyone disputing whether this club can possibly mean as much to someone living thousands of miles away in Foreignland, take note of Adam’s reaction when given a chance to take a private tour of The Lane.

I like the guy.

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6 Responses to Man vs Fulham | Spurs Ask For Triple Portions at The Cottage

  1. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    I like it when you write in proper sentences
    and give over chewing the end off your pencil Fox,
    Now you just have to stop sticking your tongue out when you’re blogging
    and all will be back to normal.
    Was it on here that I forecast 3-1?
    Or did I just dream that on Saturday night.?
    Well if I did I still got it wrong but a mistake in good faith.
    Anyway nice stuff.
    Playing Parker and Sandro is too negative unless we get desperate.
    So Parker and Sandro it is.
    Spurs 3-1

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    A tough call looming for the weekend. Toffees away is a tough trip. I think Ade as the lone striker is the safer bet, but how do argue against Defoe when he feeling like scoring? I know AVB went with two strikers against the arseholes away, but they are a team of sissy-marys, so it wasn’t outlandish. It would be bold to play two strikers at Everton…which is why I like it!

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