Look Out Wigan! | Exclusive Footage of Walker on the Rampage

Kyle Walker, taking down the haters…




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7 Responses to Look Out Wigan! | Exclusive Footage of Walker on the Rampage

  1. avatar DAVSPURS says:

    kiinell Sly one have you bean on the Johnny Walkers hope there is enuf fans left at the Lane

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    OK, Kats and Kittens, I think the old interweb is a place best avoided for the next few days.

  3. avatar Longwell says:

    The lack of movement from the front four was the main problem, I thought. Wigan were very disciplined in their 3-4-3, and they just plain outworked Spurs in closing down in their own half and cutting off the supply to Defoe and the wingers. Dempsey made more opportunities for himself, but unfortunately he’s back to being the rather average player he was before his last season and change with Fulham.

    It was an intelligent game plan from Martinez, who recognized that there was no need to get tight to Thud – simply mark his receivers and the quarterback has nothing to do but dump it short. Nobody in the middle had the ability to drive past his man and commit defenders to him; couple that with largely static forward play and you’ve got another toothless showing. I appreciate the absence of a few options for Villas-Boas, but the fact is he got out-managed today.

    Trying to find a silver lining, maybe this is the shocker result that galvanizes the manager into making some overdue changes to the team.

    • avatar rainbow says:

      A silver lining.
      If QPR continue to lose then Redknapp fits them like a glove as their new manager.
      AND he will want to buy lots of Spurs players that AVB don’t seem to value thereby giving him resources to buy a new team.
      Dawson, Hudd, Ade, BAE are just a few who were playing well under him but are out of favour now.
      Harry to QPR Result = AVB gets resources, Levy don’t need to invest new cash, Harry gets his players, everyone is a winner, except Sparky of course but but you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs 🙂

  4. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    It was a disappointing effort, both tactically and in execution, and I don’t think we can deny it had been coming. Here is where AVB needs to show what he is made of. I think he can do it, but he needs to acknowledge when something isn’t working and make a decisive fix. Defoe as a lone striker just doesn’t work. Yes, he has scored a few but (to recover well covered ground) his overall play detracts from the team in spite of those goals. And Lloris needs to be put in as #1. This messing about with Hugo and Brad isn’t helping.

  5. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    I do apologise. Work schedules have been somewhat of an arse of late so blogging has taken a back seat. I’ll be back in full Technicolor action this weekend, just in time for Spurs’ mammoth revival against City.

    Thank you for you your patience.


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