Keane Off to Another Galaxy and Gary Neville Makes Things Awkward

Heal-the-WorldWell, Sergio Aguero certainly isn’t messing about is he? Lordy. Declared partially fit by Mancini and that, sir, is what £38 million looks like. Right there. Talking of which, I’m not sure Gary Neville is cut out for this punditry lark. Not to say that he can’t be rather insightful at times, it’s just he seems to have based his delivery style on that of the robot maid from Rocky IV. Under the glare of the neon-blue studio lights, he looked less likely to fluff his lines as he was short-circuit. Very uncomfortable viewing. The interview with the City boss was particularly excruciating.

Andy Gray. Now there’s a man who knew how to relax in front of the camera. He even went as far as to enjoy himself on a Monday night. But then, I guess, that was part of the problem. That and being an unspeakable berk.

Meanwhile in Tottenhamshire, Robbie Keane has finally sealed a move Stateside. I say finally as it seems it’s always been an aspiration of the tumbling Oirishman to play MLS football. You might even go as far to say…it’s been a dream of his for quite some time.

“I have always wanted to come and play in the MLS so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true.”

Joking aside, I don’t wish him any particular harm at the Galaxy. In fact I wish him well. The move to Liverpool may’ve broken him as a player but he did some sterling work in the shirt prior to that. I remember a few years back, against Stoke if I’m not mistaken, when John Motson asked whether anyone could think of a better player in the League than Robbie Keane. Of course everyone could and Motson was clearly having a senile moment, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a tremendous frontman in his heyday. Does it?

No, it doesn’t.

So there.

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19 Responses to Keane Off to Another Galaxy and Gary Neville Makes Things Awkward

  1. avatar elwehbi says:

    Another dream fulfilled apparently.

    Now Spurs need to fulfill ours and bring us a quality signing or two. Not necessarily a “big name”… just someone who will come in and contribute what is expected of their role.

    • avatar Bobbles says:

      Expectaitions are getting lower and lower, aren’t they!

      • avatar Aran says:

        Well I dunno about that. The squad is good. It’s essentially the same one we had last season and that squad made it to the quarterfinal of the CL!

        VDV has now bedded in more fully and should be fitter. Sandro is ready to rock the PL from day one (well, almost) and we’re not starting with the same defensive crisis we had last year. So all in all, no reason we can’t do just as well as last season even if no new signings come along.

        Now, consider the way Arsenal has been weakened already and there’s certainly scope for them to slip a little. Who knows? And surely we can’t have such poor returns from all our strikers this season? One of them must hit form. That’s just the law of averages there.

        I am, as ever, the eternal optimist.

  2. avatar DAVSPURS says:

    I watched City see how our lad Caulker coped with the waistliners and apart from one incident with the new slimmer and more mobile Dzecko he did okay . Then the second half change in Tempo something City suffered at the hands of Utd this happened last year and when you are on 100,000 plus a week its important you play well and now City players all play in sixth gear so Augero coming on against a team who passed the ball back to there keeper during every build up the then gave it to City who where ten yards more energized than the new kids on the block Swansea. .Aguero showed he is a fine player but he wont get the time or space to run amok with more established teams he is already predicting the league title the word Shock springs to mind. There is a lesson to all keepers especially. Gomes if you wander off your line your goals get bigger by the yard on your line its eight feet high by eight feet nce of getting fingers on the ball where he was he had no chance This is a warning to wandering keepers a Gomes curse last YEAR.. COYS

  3. avatar sambo says:

    Yeah best of luck to the little Irish scamp, there were a few seasons back a long where he ran amok and that 4th goal against the blue scum will live long in the memory.

    I see the snake purchaser could be on his way… I can’t believe that Levy will meet his ridiculous wage demands – a ton seventy – a ton over out wage ceiling by all accounts. So he will have to take a significant pay cut to grace the Lane.

    Despite the obvious goon history and unsavoury, ahem ‘song’ this boy knows where the goal is, a 20 goal-a-season man I might suggest, proven PL quality. Just what we need.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      City loaning Ade to us makes sense for both teams. We get a PL proven front man without paying the huge fee buying that type of player costs these days. City gets him and part of his wages off their books, plus he would help us take points off the surrounding top six teams, but City would not have to face him themselves. If the other top sides drop points to us, that helps City in their silverware/title hunt.

      It makes too much sense, so it won’t happen.

  4. avatar Longwell says:

    Adebayor appears likely to be a loan deal, which makes sense for everyone. City gets shot of a guy they don’t want. Spurs get a good striker without having to pay a huge transfer fee in this inflated market and won’t have to bust their wage structure with City presumably chipping in on that score. Adebayor gets the opportunity to play a lot and hopefully increase his stock so he can plump for a permanent move back to Real or some other “big” club.

  5. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    If Robbie does as well at Galaxy as some of you hope
    we might have to buy him back.

    Check the small print.

    Can’t help but think that having a £170.000 per week player.
    whoever is paying his wages
    will be a disruptive influence.

    He could buy two or three houses aweek in parts of Tottenham

  6. avatar trembly says:

    Dreamer. He’s nothing but a dreamer. Can you point your hands in the air?

    Good luck having your brekky in America, Robbie.

  7. avatar Aran says:

    Well how about that? Away? 5-0? Second leg a formality? Even with no Sandro, Modric or Gallas? Anyone expect that?

    OK, so it was only Hearts but that’s a side worth beating and, frankly, the manner of the win is what we should be happy about. Flowing, rapid, classy football with goals from five different players. That’s my Spurs.

    Anyone travel to the match?

  8. avatar trembly says:

    darn predictive textile

  9. avatar Longwell says:

    My predo was a comfortable 1-3 away win. This was, what was it? It was, uh, it was better! Yes, better. Precisely the sort of scoreline we SHOULD have hung on those City berks in last season’s opener. Alas.

    Sounds like a bang tidy affair across the board though, so no complaints here. I’ve been told Thud looked downright trim. True?

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