It’s Okay, No-one Else Knows What They’re Doing Either



Evening all.

Thank god for the fumblings of others, that’s all I can say. Amazingly we’re still in the hunt.

 That said, if we don’t find ourselves sitting above the hallowed water-mark of Champions League infamy come the season’s end, games such as this will be pencilled down as vital episodes in our downfall; where one point was secured, but two implausibly lost. It’ll be filed away with those other niggling results which have loitered in the memory; Everton, Villa, Stoke, Wolves et al. All games in which the margins between success and failure have been vapour thin. And we’ve just come up short.

Then again, perhaps it’ll have no impact at all. There’s every chance we could still jettison an open top bus through the Top Four’s shop window- setting off alarms, twanging pedestrians off the front bumper- and this game will barely be a footnote. An anomaly in an otherwise glory-laden saga. A freak result. Nothing more. Hindsight, I guess, will govern its importance. Let’s hope so. Otherwise the cloud of disappointment will be visible from space.

Boys. We really f*cked it this time.

It should’ve been over within the hour. But for the impenetrable aura of Myhill this may well have been another Wigan. Ridiculous, really, how one man- I’ll admit, unheard of until now- could catalogue that number of astonishing saves in a single game. And, equally, how we could allow him to do so. It looked mathematically unfeasible that it would remain goalless. One after another they cued up to have a bash, from thirty yards to two yards; neither distances from which he could be beaten. Something was amiss  and I’m fairly convinced it was the stem-cells I saw him deposit into his lucozade bottle at half-time. They should proably look into that.

 Seems unsporting.

Without wishing to point the spotlight in any particular direction at our end, Keane should’ve done better with his efforts; Herculean goalkeeping or not. At point-blank range, the Robbie of old would’ve dispatched both chances without so much as a shrug of the shoulders. So what’s up with him? Lord knows. One thing is for certain, spurn opportunities like that on Wednesday and all the diplomacy in the world wont prevent the ‘Keane Out’ brigade- who I am not yet a member- cranking their boo chords up to eleven. It could get ugly.

The Hull game? Would it be a cop out to suggest it was just one of those days?

Probably. But I’m saying it anyway.

Bring on the Scouse.

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31 Responses to It’s Okay, No-one Else Knows What They’re Doing Either

  1. avatar anon says:

    It’s no coincidence that Hull/Stoke/Wolves all had Keane starting

  2. anon-

    Yeah I read that stat somewhere. Spooky, huh?

    He’s turned into winnable game kryptonite.

  3. Annoying day. Especially with the other teams messing up too. Would’ve been nice to open up a gap.

    Huge game Wednesday. Liking your work, WFRF.


  4. Got the important bit wrong 🙁


  5. avatar Davy41 says:

    Alarm bells should now be ringing for Arry in the striker department of our squad as without Pava (when not if he leaves) and a injury to Defoe and our season is over.We need to replace Pava which i bet is something Arry was not banking on doing.How many games can we go on saying that Keane will come good .I think like King he has been a great servant although know where near as good as King but it is time to say so long to both these guys if we are going to make a 4th place our main goal.To all those Keane fans i am sorry but its winning that gets you there not drawing and to do that you need to score goals.Defoe needs to up his act too and try the Lineker approach to finishing and stop trying to score a wonder goal or kill the keeper with a thunder bolt,place the ball you idiot.A much better effort needed on Wednesday lads from everyone as the others will not keep slipping up now is the time to start winning games not drawing them.

  6. avatar davspurs says:

    The goalkeeper cost 50,ooo and he could cost us Millions if we fail to make it by two points,There was a fan from Scunthorpe who rang on five live sports radio Spoony and he said he heard it on the radio about Myhills saves but he waited to watched match of the day because he wouldn’t believe his display was that good. and he said the saves where world class .So we should just except this and file it under another head scratching result .The sad reality is we could now be on 48 points with the Stoke Wolves Hull and Everton games and had a lead of 10 points over of City and 14 ahead of Liverpool now Everton fans are saying they could sneak into fourth this just shows why Liverpool could still make this the same finish but more dramatic when the Commentator ssked Moyes what have you done to turn it round he said we are getting players back then he realized t only Phil Neville was back and Yakubu is in Africa the back line was Neville Distin Heitinger Bains Hardly top four defence. my lips are Silent from now on .therumorman

  7. avatar jonnybravo says:

    The worst week of Robbie Keane’s life. The Republic get knocked out of world cup courtesy of msr Henry’s left hand and we thump 9 past Wigan all in seven days. Niko begins to look like the inside left/right maestro we have been praying for and not a miffed looking Irishman in sight. Liverpool was the beginning of the end, that was the middle chapter, the end may not be far off. I wouldnt at all be surprised if he goes in the next couple of weeks IF the right offer comes. Celtic seems obvious. It is NO coincidence that oppositon keepers are “trffic” at WHL, we dont have that composure in front of goal, it is all flat out attacking and panic (which often can get mistaken for intense pressure!) by our forwards. Defoe in instinctive and amazing, but not possessed with the greatest of gifts in the psyching out stakes in one on one situations, Crouch is a bit too ponderous, and Robbie….ah dear, I think a Red and Green mist now descends in front of his once predatory eyes, and instead of an arrogant chip over a flapping keeper he pauses for a split second and wonders if maybe Rafa was right….

  8. avatar Jermaine Defoe says:

    Keane OUT!!!!

    Useless C**t!!, play me with Peter Harry!

  9. avatar DSDSPURS says:

    Why on earth did Arry play Keane over Crouch ? I am actually not a fan of Crouch (his ‘falling on his arse stats’ are far more impressive than his passing stats), but we seem to play far better with him in the side. Also why on earth, did Arry play with 2 DM’s against a team that had no attacking threat ??

    Four main weaknesses have been shown and proved again in this match:

    1) Keane just isn’t good enough
    2) Harry is a great motivator but as a tactician is very weak. You prove your real worth as a manager in the big games (ManUre , Chelski & Ar5enal ) & and the breaking down of teams who have none footballing tactics away from home(stoke, hull etc.) – he has failed BIG TIME!!
    3) Defoe without Lennon isn’t the ‘amaizing’ player everyone raves about.
    4) To really challenge the “top four” we need a world class ‘alround’ striker in Berbatoss (minus toss) mould & a world class midfield partner for Palacios.

    I hate to say it, but its going to be ManShitty for 4th guys (appreciate there is a long way to go, but we don’t just have that X factor)… Unless he starts playing Modric in centre, then maybe, just maybe we have a chance????? Hope so… COYS!!!!

  10. avatar KIDYID says:

    Whilst no one likes time wasters, Harry should not deflect attention away from the fact that dropping 2 important points was mostly down to himself. It was clear even before kick off when the starting 11 was read out that all 36k fans knew playing Robbie’s selection was a big mistake and likely to cost us. The crowd were instantly deflated following what we suffered at the hands of stoke and Wolves. Harry has to be careful here, years of suffering from an inferiority complex against the top teams used to be our problem and the “retreat” that was self imposed once we took a lead. Now this has been replaced by a touch of arrogance, thinking that anything other than our best 11 will roll the weaker teams over. A point at home from Stoke,Wolves and Hull now likely to be our undoing. We should have been aiming for at least the 3rd spot as the poor liverpool could go on to win the Europa League and so 4th may not be enough to qualify for the CL. The other big problem is that sitting in the dugout prevents Harry from seeing where we are going wrong on the pitch. Of course how far Robbie is behind the game, and how negative/safe he has become due to his lack of pace is much easier to see from the stands.The other tacitcal error in my opinion was the use of Niko and Luka. We have proved all season that our wide play, early crossing and full back partnerships with wingers has won us games. With Lennon sidelined we played with two wingers who were forced to cut in every time. With respects to Modric, this is just the way he plays regardless of playing on the right or left (much in the style of Benayoun) whilst Krancjar tends to cut in when he’s playing on the left, but happy to going round the back and playing early crosses when he’s on the right. With this in mind and the constant rampaging of the excellent Bale, we would have been far better off if the wingers switched sides. Luka on the left would have continued to jinks his way in field and be able to create much the same as he did, with the added bonus of having Bale overlapping at every opportunity and Luka’s incisive passing find the welshmans left boot to be delivered with quality and pace. This would have Left Niko plying his wizadry on the right in a much more natural way, giving us more balance, quicker play and a match winning display that I’m sure would have read “Magnificent Myhill prevents 3 goal spurs from scoring another 9″, especially if Crouch was playing from the start!! Oh, I wish I could have an hour chat with Harry…! COYS

  11. avatar tso79 says:

    Palacios, Jenas & Huddlestone = 5 yellow cards now!
    Are they all suspended on wednesday? I don’t hope so…

  12. avatar ledders says:

    ye I was wondering that myself tso… they all suspended anyone? if so modders and niko in the middle?! wouldn’t mind that one bit. maybe dos santos will get a game, if not thru choice thru force. ffs.

  13. avatar trembly says:

    5 yellows? Because of the new rules, theres a clean sheet after Christmas or somehting like that. No suspensions on Wednesday.

    Watched the game in its entirety as well as several highlights. Myhill was very good admitedly, although the lack of compusure in some of the 18 strikes on target was rather worrying. In particular, Keanes point blank tap straight at Myhill was embarrassing – as was his gesticulation at anyone and anything in particular afterwards.

    DSDSPURS “Arry…has failed big time”. He’s taken us out of the relegation zone last season and made us into regulars in the top 4 spots this term – how on earth can you call that failure. You’ve oviously got your own agenda, but you need to head to specsavers given teh state of your shortsightedness.

  14. avatar Jima says:

    KID YID – Liverpoo don’t qualify for Champs league if they win the Europa league you nutter

    Was poor decision to play Keano when we’ve not played for so long – play best combo of Defoe and Crouch in important league games (Hull and Liv) and then stick Keano and Pav in against Leeds. I agree that we should play a more attacking team against the lesser teams – Palacios doesn’t need to play, Modric and Hudd in middle with Kran and Dos Santos on wings, could even play Hutton at right back as he’s more attacking than Corluka

    Hopefully the boys’ll feel like they’ve let themselves and us the supporters down and get first 3 points at Anfield for 20 odd years


  15. avatar ledders says:

    Agree with last comment.

    And might even add, move huddlestone back to centre back when lennon’s fit, niko with modric in the middle, dos santos and lennon on the wings… if all are fit… best chance of getting the other side of the bus.

  16. avatar Day of the Triffics pt.2 says:

    Just on of those days ,that’s what it was. Fretting about the results from Stoke, Wolves and Hull is the ultimate in red herrings, we have to look at the other result and address what an earlier poster described as our ‘inferiority complex’.

    Over a season these results pop up Burnely beat Man U/ Wigan (remeber them) beat Chelsea and rhe Arse imploded lost a two goal lead and almost the game at West Ham. These results occur.

    The bad reults that really define our season so far are ManU 3-1/ Chealsea 3-0/ Arse 3-0. Are these teams really 3 goals better than us, Chelsea maybe but we’ve done well against the recently even ended their title hopes last year under Hiddink’s stewardship.Take away Rooney and fiberglass from the other two and pound for pound we are better equipped EXCEPT as a club fans included we do not really expect to compete. there in lies the rub. Had those results been any different, had our collective psyche been any different, had we the ability exude and display any of that arrogance or swagger against these not so giant, giants, coming from behind at Villa Park and holdng off a hungry Everton team away from home would appear, well triffic.

  17. avatar Jima says:

    Good shout ledders about Hudd at the back (quarterback) – think Kran and Corluka could be a bit weak though to play both CM (esp with Hudd at back), and also if you’ve got forward thinking players on wings – maybe start off with Palacios and then if we’re still struggo to break them down and they don’t look like scoring as per Saturday, then change to more attacjing team, but need to do it at half time so there’s not the panic….

  18. avatar KayBee says:

    Well, pretty much everything that needs to be said has been said already, so I’ll go down a slightly different path.

    Bloody excellent robot y’got there, Foxy!


    Also, hurry back, Azza, we miss ya, blud, y’get me?

  19. Agreed, KB.

    All bases covered. Some top discussion and insight going on in here today.


  20. Rightio- Replies work now. Although they don’t appear as the latest post, but instead under the orignal message. If that makes sense. (See Trembly’s comment)

    And now to avatar rendering.

    Good day.

  21. avatar KayBee says:

    Bender Bending Rodríguez.

    That’s all I’m saying.


  22. Is Keano the new Bale against lesser opposition?

  23. Oh and by the way Fox, loved the title of this post lol

  24. avatar KayBee says:

    How didja get that Av, Mr Wehbi? 🙂

  25. avatar KayBee says:

    So, RvN… truth in this one, or is it the media ressurecting a story from last summer in lieu of having nothing fresh to report?

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