How Do We Solve a Problem Like Lennon?


Ladies and gentlemen, can I please have your attention. I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen…


In other news, Aaron Lennon’s broken nether regions will require further inspection today. According to those in the know, a second tear has been located, which, rather troublingly, caused the lightning-heeled wingstress to keel over in training on Monday. Harry Redknapp, in all his wisdom, said this for Sky Sports:

“He was close to getting fit, but has had a bit of a setback.

“Hopefully it should not put him back much from where he was, and he could still be fit in a couple of weeks.”

And this

At first the diagnosis was he could be back in four or five weeks but you never know with these groin problems, they can take time and he has had a couple of setbacks.’’

Well that’s a kick in the groin- to excuse the unfortunate phrasing. I guess we’ll find out later the measure of things; with any luck it’s just precautionary. As the season reaches its turbulent apex, his is a face we could do with having around. Otherwise we’ll be asked to install yet more faith in the talents of a reinvigorated David Bentley. And I’m not sure if we’re all quite ready for that.

Come back soon, little man.

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26 Responses to How Do We Solve a Problem Like Lennon?

  1. avatar SheffSpurs says:

    News Team Asssssssssssssseeeeemmmmmbbbblllleeee!!!!!!!!!

  2. avatar Biggie says:

    DB has been playring for the last 5 weeks, and has been doing very well. Quite what you say hes not ready is erm, where have you been for the last few weeks. Yes we will miss Lennon, but we have a squad capable of covering. All top teams go through a phase of missing key players, but not all teams have strong reserves that could easily slot in

  3. avatar SheffSpurs says:

    Maybe it was bentley?!?!?!

  4. avatar spurky says:

    on PL injury table he is listed as: A Lennon – Osteitis Pubis – 21st Mar 10

    His recovery date 21st March has been altered and put back a number of times. If you click the osteitis pubis link it tells you that this injury is typically a 6 month recovery time. Never mind what Redknapp says, believe it when you see it.

  5. avatar ants says:

    Personally im not getting taken in by all this Bentley stuff… he is def playing far better than he used to, but still think he’s got a long way compared to Lennon!!
    Personaly i still think he’s pretty useless!!

    I reckon we should be giving Rose a few more run outs… his pace is what we need on the right!!

  6. avatar KayBee says:

    Our Aaron, who be a winger,
    Lennon be thy name.
    Please get well soon,
    or we will be done,
    At home as it is away,
    Give us today your gift of speed.
    And forgive us our Bentley’s,
    As we forgive those who Bentley against us. (?)
    And give not into temptation,
    And stay away from evil.
    Coz I know that shitehouse Fergie is probably coveting you, the bastard.


  7. avatar spud gun says:

    Bentley has been ok since he has come in. Nothing more which speaks volumes when comparing him to Lennon. Any left back will not be anywhere near as threatened as when seeing Bentleys name as opposed to Azza.

    The sooner we get the wee fella back the more confident I will feel about our beast of an April. Would rather not risk him at anytime before then especially against a strong tackling (hacking) sides like Everton and Stoke who don’t know how to stop him.

    Fingers crossed

  8. I’m hopeful that we’ve worked out the kinks of not having Azza and still succeeding. I don’t buy into the 1-man team crap, but Azza’s pace combined with an improved final ball could certainly pull defenders around, allowing 3MP and JD more room to work. With no Azza threat, it’s easier to close down Pete and JD wasn’t getting enough scraps. With young Pavel getting some time, we might just see some clever runs, which will clear defenders and suit Luka to the ground. And we’ll still have JD and his poaching ability in the cleared spaces.

    That, my friends, is a decent Plan A.

  9. avatar Lasse says:

    That is very bad news indeed. With Lennon back we might just have had a chance of 4th. Without it him its gonna be close to impossible. Bently is at best ok, cannot see why people rate him. He is painfuylly slow and takes an average of 8 touches before trying anything. Liked the link up between Modric & Pav in their little cameo against Wigan, hope there is more to come. With regards to bale been very impressed

    • Let’s have a bit of faith here. We are not a 1-man team. Saying that we are doomed just because one of our better(best?) players is missing is a bit too pessimistic for me. It also makes us sound like we are lining up our excuses for failure. It’d be great if we had our best 11 for every game, but we don’t. No team has that. We have a pretty deep squad and can cope better than most teams. It’s like when many thought we were doomed because Luka was out for a long time. We coped then and we will now.

      Mind you, I’m not saying we definitely will, but I’m sure not ready to rule it out.

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