Harry Kane Will Be Out of Wind Before Christmas if Levy Doesn’t Invest

1972 07 08 Hurricane ART Page 1(Hello. This site will burp back into life again soon *groans* In the meantime here’s something I did elsewhere, a week or so ago. Before Clinton N’Jie signed so it’s largely outdated pish. More so than usual)

Tottenham have made some smart if unspectacular moves in the transfer market so far. But there’s one issue they can’t afford to ignore.

The big spending, gun-slinging days of Summer 2013 seem like a distant memory now for Spurs. Perhaps for the best, too, considering the unholy mess Baldini and the gang made of reinvesting the Gareth Bale Trust Fund. Club transfer records toppled, on what felt like a daily basis, expectations rose like Carl Fredricksen’s balloon-strung house. The Magnificent Seven, they said. We’ve sold Elvis and bought the Beatles, they said.

Only it turned out Spurs had actually signed Hear’Say and a couple of their dodgy mates from the estate. Paulinho, Capoue, ChiricheČ™, Soldado. The list of crushing disappointments is a long one..

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