Fog on The Mind: Spurs-Newcastle Preview

Harry Redknapp, England manager. That’s what we appear to be spinning perilously toward. If it’s not our glorious leader’s wilting phizog taking up every square inch of news pages this week- since the announcement of Señor Capello’s express exit from F.A HQ on Thursday- it’s every player, pundit and postman stumbling over themselves to get behind the official wish of the people™ and give it a damn good flogging. He’s the man for the job, said Sir Alex. A very good choice, offered Sven-Göran Eriksson yesterday. And who could forget Arry wud b Gr8! Lol, bestest 4 thu job, Tweeted by Wayne Rooney, in a rare moment of clarity on Thursday.

What we, as supporters of Tottenham are supposed to say or do about all this is unclear. Perhaps as was expected of Fulham fans when Kevin Keegan left office in 1999, we’ve no choice but to be quietly grateful that we’re in a position to offer such a wonderful gift to the nation. Well I’m not too keen on the idea, frankly. My interest in the national team disappeared when ‘being an imbecile’ became a prerequisite for selection. At this stage, it appears, the most we can hope for is that the F.A allow him to at least finish what he started here at Spurs and get us back into the Champions League. And, seeing as there’s the square-root of zip to do with England until the summer anyway, this doesn’t seem like too much of an outlandish request. But you never know with these people.

Meanwhile, there’re more pressing matters at hand. Newcastle United are at The Lane this afternoon and it ought to be a spicy one. I’ve heard some cynical folk accuse Alan Pardew of being a bit of a Smuggy McSmuggerson in recent weeks; suggesting that perhaps much of the Tynesider’s success this season is down to a thoroughly adept scouting team who’ve found excellent quality on the continent at exceedingly competitive rates. I wouldn’t go along with that myself, although it is true they appear to have a far-flung net when it comes to talent spotting. Cabaye and Tioté (both absent) are one of the finest central-midfield pairings in the league and they cost less than a weekend pass at Thorpe Park. Their latest purchase looks a bit tasty, too. Scouts scouting, eh? What ever will they think of next?

I’m of the opinion that Pardew seems like a decent sort of chap and I’m happy he’s doing well. Particularly, I’ll readily admit, as it’s at the cost of Arsenal and those scallywags from Merseyside.

For us of Hotspur, though, what we need today is a good ol’ timey three-pointer in the back pocket; a rip-snorting, blockbuster of a performance that’ll shoo away those muggy nimbuses of uncertainty and give us something positive to talk about. As we’ve every bloody reason to be doing anyway. Sitting in third spot as we are. Seven points off the top. Seven points clear of Chelsea. Ten clear of Arsenal. Eleven point…

Right, I’ve heard enough. Adebayor to score twice in a 3-1 win and England to sod off while we’re at it.

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