Chicken Wings of Lyon | Team Sheet for OL

leonAnother day another supposed Euro-jolly marred by the news that some tooled-up degenerates have smashed up a bar in Lyon filled with travelling Spurs fans. While it might be wrong to speculate on the motivation for the attack, the details about the masked thickies performing yes-you-guessed-it Nazi salutes strikes me as a bit of a giveaway. You needn’t be a rocket surgeon to work out what keeps them up at night.

Read the full grisly report here.

On to the football and Spurs face a Lyon side still recovering from Gareth Bale’s thighs. It wasn’t a stellar performance from He Who Can Do No Wrong last week but in part to the ludicrous quality of his two free-kicks no-one took the time to care. For the French Samuel Umtiti (snarf, quack!) reached similar levels of absurdity with his labours and it’s with that goal OL will see a chance to rescue the tie. Away goals, as experts will tell you, very much the must-have item for the Spring.

Here’s how our cats might line-up:

**If you’re interested in such things, I wrote a little thing for the Huffington Post about Swansea (heathen!) and their chances of reaching the Top Four. Shortly before they lost 5-0 to high-flying Liverpool. #professionalfootballblogger**

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13 Responses to Chicken Wings of Lyon | Team Sheet for OL

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    What have you done with Lennon – he’s been brilliant for us so far this season !!

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Decent line up with a lot attacking power. At the back, the boss stated yesterday that Brad would be goal again, so no Hugo.

  3. avatar spursnugget says:

    I feel that Naughton would be a significant weak link against Lyon as their closing down play was exceptional in the first leg, Naughton panics when under pressure which leads to him making too many errors of judgement which usually leads to a rushed backpass to the goalkeeper placing a needless avoidable pressure on the goalkeeper

  4. avatar Declan says:

    I think that Parker is the weak link in a high tempo closing down game. his 180/360 degree turns make him vulnerable. I cant see Holtby in a deeper roll just yet. I think it’ll be Friedel, Naughton, Gallas, Vertonghen, Bae, Parker, Dembele, Holtby, Lennon, Bale, Ade. but I would personally not play Parker or Adebayor and have Thudd and Dempsey in place.

  5. Friedel is a worry for me, especially if we are playing a high line with Gallas at centre back.

  6. avatar obladi says:

    spurs have bale buy lyon are clearly the better team. very good team to watch. all comfortable on the ball. whoever goes through will beat inter but unless lyon mess up or bale scores a free kick the french look favourites now.

  7. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Hate to say this, cuz I love me some Scotty Parker, but he drastically slows down our attacks. I don’t recall him doing this 3-turn, spin move thing as much last year. Attacking moves are dying out around him while he tries to control the ball. Maybe age and injury are catching him.

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