Champions League? Overrated

cbgheartThe boys done good, as the adage goes. It might have been a distinctly unexotic first step into Europe’s junior competition yesterday evening, but they were steps plenty big enough for Jim Jefferies and his half-baked Jam Tarts. In fact, you might even say: we proved to be rather…sticky customers? Hmm? No?

Suit yourself.

Needless to point out, this wasn’t premium rate opposition standing between us and the group stages, or, indeed, was it what you might call a glamorous night of continental football. Of the like we were happily tucking into last year. No sign of those towering stands rammed with bonkers, flare-wielding Ultras; no Ronaldos, Ozils, Maicons or Patos; no adapted Zadok the Priest blaring through the speakers. No need for a passport, even.

But it was Tottenham in Europe. And it was rather brilliant.

Here’s some highlights. In case you missed it.

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  1. avatar hoopspur says:

    I think the early stages of the CL are over rated to a certain extent. I didn’t even go to a couple of the home games.

    But there is no doubt, it’s the place to be – even if only for financial reasons.

    Anyway, well done lads – let’s hope that generates a little bit of confidence which we can take with us to OT on Monday. COYS!

  2. avatar OldSpur says:

    Actually…there are some decent sides in this year’s EL. Atl Madrid, Sevilla, Lazio, Roma, PSV, Paris SG. True there’s an awful lot of sides you’ve never heard of in places you don’t want to go, but the ko stage would promise some quality.

    • avatar Longwell says:

      A few results for the big names in qualifying…

      Athletic Bilbao 0-0 Trabzonspor
      Atletico Madrid 2-0 Guimaraes
      Differdange 0-4 Paris SG
      Hannover 96 2-1 Sevilla
      HJK Helsinki 2-0 Schalke 04
      Lazio 6-0 Rabotnicki Skopje
      FC Nordsjaelland 0-0 Sporting
      Slovan Bratislava 1-0 Roma
      SV Ried 0-0 PSV Eindhoven

      This ignores some of the Russian sides, who are pretty good but probably not anyone’s idea of a sexy destination for a European tie – especially not as we move into autumn and winter. Let’s hope a few of those Mediterranean clubs step it up in their respective second legs.

  3. avatar OldSpur says:

    ps. Anyone know if we’d be seeded in the top pot ?

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    Thank god, the season’s finally kicked off!

    I’d banned myself from all football sites to spare my sanity during the barmy period whilst there were no matches to focus on, and the media being so keen on selling our entire midfield, so it’s nice to be able to read/post some Spurs stuff again!

  5. avatar Longwell says:

    Second and third goals were the sex. Ditto the ball from Townsend for the fifth.

    More of the same on Monday night, please. Vidic and Rafael are out, maybe Rio as well. Let’s have these mugs at their yard for once.

  6. avatar elwehbi says:

    It could have been an unknown team from Macedonia and Spurs would have choked playing on their turf… but the best part of playing at Hearts was that we not only put on a show, but we scored plenty of goals, with 5 goals coming from 5 different players. I’m sure everyone was expecting that we would go over there and struggle to win with determination, but we won by embarassing a team in their own ground. I likey! Now let’s see what we really look like when we play United.


    • avatar Aran says:

      The nature of the win was the point, I agree. Season before last we had goals from all over the pitch. Last season, not so much. So if this is a sign that some of our lads have found their shooting boots again then that’s something to smile about.

  7. avatar Aran says:

    So Modric’s “head isn’t right” for the United game today.

    I honestly didn’t believe that he would want to play it this way. I thought Modric was a different sort of player. He always seemed so humble and honest. But this is becoming depressingly like Berbatov. Modric made public statements about wanting to leave, badmouthed Levy and now looks set to sulk until he either gets what he wants or the window closes. I really am very, very dissapointed.

    I say sell the little weasel. Spurs is bigger than one player. Bring in Diarra and Adebayor and spend some extra on one more forward. We’ve got VDV, Kranjcar, Sandro, Huddlestone, Bale and Lennon, not to mention a handful of young midfielders and wingers waiting for a chance. Will we miss him? Of course. But one player is only one player. Take the money and give him the finger. And if he goes I hope he breaks his leg first game and doesn’t play again until the last few weeks of the season. Would serve him right after the way he’s disrespected the club that took a chance on him when everyone else thought he couldn’t hack the Premier League.

    • avatar KayBee says:

      I agree.

      Up til this latest part, I was firmly in the “no at all costs”/”what sort of message does this send to others” camp.
      I still am to some degree, I hate that a player can flat out refuse to play for a club in order to force through a move, especially with five years left to run on his contract. A contract which, at this stage, looks completely worthless.

      As Aran says, take the money, give him the finger. Also try for Sturridge, or Drogba (if he’ll take pay cut) as part of the deal.

      We’ve got a hell of a midfield, and we can cope without Modders, especially if we get some more firepower upfront.

      Whilst I’m kinda bummed out by this saga, and the way Modric has seemingly turned into a complete shit, I’m not going to let that dampen the fact I’m ecstatic that the Spurs season is underway at last, and that I fancy a cheeky win for us tonight! 😉

      • avatar Aran says:

        Let us not forget that everyone thought he was too small and fragile to play in the PL. We took a chance and without that he wouldn’t be the player he is today and wouldn’t have a prayer or playing for Chelsea or any other CL club. He signed a long contract and got a huge pay rise to go with it and now, all of a sudden, he thinks he’s too good for us.

        And yes, I think we could pull something off tonight. I want to see Kranjcar and VDV in the middle again. They’re top quality players and were amazing against Hearts.

    • avatar ruetheday says:

      I found un-secured Wi-Fi! I’m dangling out of a window to get just one bar of it, so I’ll keep this uncharacteristically brief: I hate to say I told you so…

  8. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

    That’s the spirit.

    Some United guff on its way this afternoon.

  9. avatar Longwell says:

    Modric should not be sold, regardless of how much he wants to pout about it or not. He has a contract. If he refuses to play he should be benched and fined, not sold. Levy made the strong statement he did so as to avoid this becoming like the Berbatov saga. If he reverses that position now, then the profligate clubs will continue to just pick off our best players at their leisure and use them to beat us back into our Europa League box. Fuck that shit.

    When it’s time for Modric to go, under no circumstances should he be allowed to join another English club. Call his bluff on this ambition nonsense and sell him to Dortmund or Porto or Udinese if he’s so keen on playing in the Champions League and winning trophies. It’s one thing to sell a top player for a windfall and then reinvest that money to improve the overall squad. But we shouldn’t be in the business of supplying our domestic rivals with ready-made solutions to their player personnel deficiencies. Chelsea allowed their midfield to get old and creaky; I don’t see how it’s in our interest to help them fix that. We should be trying to knock those assholes off their fucking perch, not abetting their efforts to buy their way above us again.

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