Chalkboard for Swansea

A decidedly tricky encounter pencilled in this weekend as Spurs take on Michael Laudrup’s Swansea at the Lane.

You can’t help but be amazed by the League’s current foreign representatives. There’s something altogether decent about how they appear to operate as a football club and it doesn’t seem to have been hindered by the upshot of Dr. Brendan Rodgers roaring off to Merseyside in his black Porsche GX Lad. The foundations were in place well before he showed up and look strong enough to withstand any number of managerial or player departures. The cogs and sprockets are well-oiled from the bottom up.

The summer, for instance, after a campaign of largely regarded over-achievement, Swansea bid fare-thee-well to star performers Steven Caulker, Scott Sinclair, Gylfi Sigurdsson and Joe Allen to wealthier paymasters. (Admittedly two of those were loan deals expiring.) Yet somehow, this season under Laudrup, it’s possible they look an even better side. With more purpose and discipline. And goals. Football goals.

In that regard, buying Michu wasn’t the worst decision ever made. If nothing else the Spaniard has got himself a nice little niche as a pun-merchant (pleased to Michu) and Fantasy Footballist’s wet dream. The Welsh are probably quite keen too as he’s the League’s top scorer and cost less than a bag of pistachios. Tottenham won’t be the only ‘big’ club wondering whether there were more cost-effective purchases to have been made over the warmer months.

Andre Villas-Boas has the task of transforming frowns into their proverbial inverted states on Sunday, after a miserable encounter with Everton last week. As ever, it’s the hope that kills you as Spurs looked set to get away with one of the cheekiest smash and grab results of the season. Until the late, late jitters overcame us once again. If games lasted 80 minutes and if my bank balance was suffixed with a couple more zeroes. We’d all be happier. In the meanwhile, let’s see how the heroes of Lilywhite are looking in glorious one dimension:

Tottenham Hotspur 4-2-3-1 football formation

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9 Responses to Chalkboard for Swansea

  1. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Has Baler been cleared? Otherwise I can’t argue. Maybe Parker and Benny make the bench and could spell Jan and Sandro after we go 4 nil up

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Just saw AVB say it is “very unlikely” that Gareth Bale will line up against Swansea on Sunday. So, unless it’s mind games, we’ll likely see Clint on the left.

  3. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Well, that game should put this “Welsh Barca” nonsense to rest.

  4. avatar Longwell says:

    I thought Swansea’s approach was slightly muddled. I can see them being concerned that their usual possession game with a high defensive line would make them vulnerable because Spurs are a lethal counterattacking side, but a lot of that is Bale, who Laudrup must have anticipated would not be playing.

    Instead they sat a little deeper, seeming to have more faith in their ability to stop us playing through them than to defend against the break. Maybe they were trying to reproduce the tactics they used to beat Arsenal, but Spurs are a different kettle of fish. Swansea were a lot narrower in that game, whereas yesterday Dyer and Routledge tended to stay wide to give Swansea the outlet in wide areas…and were pretty much invisible because their central mids couldn’t get the ball to them high enough up the pitch. That left Michu rather isolated as well.

    To complete the tactical muddle, despite sitting deep and playing like they wanted to hit us on the break, they still tried to play out patiently from the back quite a lot. In addition to the obvious oxymoron of a patient passing counterattack, that approach got them in big trouble a few times when we nicked it off them well inside their own half and really, really should have scored.

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