Chalkboard for Swansea | The ‘Medical Shmedical’ Edition

garfield1Wow, this is how Liverpool must feel.

Oh, Willian, we hardly knew ye. Just hours after slipping out of the hands of Spurs’ medical team with some questionable daywear and smiles aplenty, the Brazilian finished off his whistle-stop tour of the Capital by agreeing to sign for Chelsea. Which isn’t quite what we had in mind when telling him to go out and see the sights. But there you go. His antics shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, of course. This, remember, is a man who, at 24, chose the Russian Premier League as the best location for his footballing gifts to flourish. No doubt Chelsea have plenty of appeal (they make nice banners?) but let’s not pretend his motivations as a player aren’t centred acutely on the amount of zeroes pencilled into his contract.

Anyway WHO NEEDS WILLIAN? was the question posed on the internet machine last night after young Andros Townsend tore the Dinamo Tbilisi defence asunder with his remarkable cunning and fleet-footedness. And who needs Gareth Bale, too, for that matter? Gareth Who, huh? Who’s this Gareth Bale guy I’ve been hearing about? Nope, not buying it either, but it is nice to know Townsend’s career is moving in the right direction after a season at QPR. Maybe there’s hope for Danny Rose, too.

Swansea, then. Laudrup’s lot were also abroad in Eurofoot action last night but I’m not sure if South Wales really counts compared to the 2,000 miles to the heart of Georgia that Spurs were required to wind up for their tie. Still, I’m sure we can expect slightly altered line-ups from both coaches. Here’s how we might line-up. Feel free to post your thoughts below. Gadzooks!

team for swans

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