Chalkboard for Chelsea | The ‘Leave the Mothers Out of This’ Edition

MOURINHOAVBTottenham versus Chelsea. A fixture always prone to a Master versus Apprentice billing. Television expert David James said as much on one of those BT adverts, delivering his one line with all the studio charisma of Tommy Wiseau . It’s also perhaps worth noting that David James forecast a 16th place finish for Everton this season and a ruddy, bloody brave 8th for Tottenham. Expert.

No Love Lost etc..

You get the impression that until their attention is diverted by the spectacle of two decent sides doing some actual football, the potential subplots of tomorrow’s London derby are always going to be of more interest to the headline writers. One of those subplots being: are Mourinho and Villas-Boas going to have a fight?

It’s a valid question, of course. Both coaches have been quite bristly in their pressers this week and you feel that each has shown at least some level of restraint in not calling the other a tremendous bellend or saying anything unkind about their respective mothers. Journalists are hoping, reasonably, that one of them offs their gloves first.

While you can sense a whiff of animosity, it’s all been fairly tame so far. In one corner Villas-Boas has reiterated his stance that the two are no longer friends while Mourinho has claimed that he doesn’t care what AVB thinks, in the tone of someone who really does care in fact, and is possibly harbouring some deep-rooted sexual tension towards that person. You’re only human, José, you’re only human.



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