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Well this is just getting ridiculous now. After Garth Crooks’ claim that Tottenham had sold Craig David and bought So Solid Crew, Levy and his crack team have been busy rubber-stamping cheques like an untamed Monty Brewster. Friday was the zenith of our activity in the market; a day in which the transfer madness just plain refused to quit as Christian Eriksen, Erik Lamela and Vlad Chiriches all tried on our fetching apparel and decided it was just the job.

It’s the Spurs medical team I worry about, though. Extensive player recruitment is all well and good but when was the last time any these poor souls had a day off, saw their families or even had a sandwich? Someone should check on that.

So, time is the commodity which Villas-Boas requires now, to convert what looks like a staggeringly fine squad of players into a fluid, functioning point-hoovering juggernaut. And I’m not talking about the few hours which remain before the North London Derby. Talking of which…

The Very Scientific Chalkboards Are In:

teamsheet for NLD



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  1. avatar Trembly says:

    Tactics abridged:

    W.I.N 🙂

    Haven’t been so expectant for a season in all my years.

  2. avatar GoonerZak says:

    Haha love the Wilshere face..he always does have a scrunched up face like a grumpy grandpa like…

    Maybe the Arsenal and Spurs medical team should start a union?

  3. avatar Pete says:

    Andros Townsend? Lennon hasn’t played recently.

  4. avatar Ryan says:

    Would’nt it be a nice smack in Wenger’s saggy cheek with a wet kipper if we bring on Eriksen and Lamela at about 60 minutes ( quality depth substitutes) and they kill Arsenal off with a spectacular debut. Then he brings on his two free signings to get battered. Especially after his comments that we will be unstable and we have brought in too many players. Hahahahahaha

  5. avatar Ryan says:

    Interesting stat, Cazorla has not won a single tackle in 10 attempts. Capoue has won 6 out if 6 as a sub. Guess who is winning that battle today. #taxiforcazorla

  6. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    I think Lennon is still hurt, so Andros to start and I’d have Kaboul for Dawson. Bring Lamela on late for some flair and Sandro to lock things down. We’ll shade this 1-2 with Bobby and Andros scoring.

    Get in!

  7. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    Line up is in

    Lloris; Walker, Rose, Dawson Vertonghen; Dembele, Paulinho, Capoue, Chadli, Townsend; Soldado

    Subs: Friedel, Defoe, Holtby, Sandro, Naughton, Lamela, Sigurdsson

    No CB on the bench?

  8. avatar Longwell says:

    Haven’t been this angry about a Spurs performance in a good while. I’ll leave it at that lest I say some things I may come to regret later.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      The performance was more ‘meh’ than horrible, I thought. We looked like a team trying to fit seven new players in, but haven’t worked out the kinks just yet. Of more concern was the odd decision to replace Moose with Defoe. Sure, lets have two strikers getting no service instead of one. I thought Holtby was the move there.

      • avatar Aran says:

        Can only assume that AVB isn’t happy with Dembele this season. He seems to be getting subbed a lot.

        Suspect next time out we’ll see Eriksen in front of Paulinho and Sandro and Lamela in the side, either on the left or right. They should help us add the creative spark we’ve been missing.

        Agreed entirely on the ‘working out the kinks’ part. This is a team in transition and that was always going to be the case whether Bale stayed or not. The question will be how quickly things settle and how many points we can pick up while that happens. We’re not doing too badly right now (4 points up on last season). If we can be in striking distance of the top four by Christmas then I’ll feel pretty good about our chances.

        • avatar tony says:

          Well AVB has got his players now. there is not a manager in the world who wouldn’t be happy to be backed so strongly. But I thought it was a disappointing performance in the NLD. The game was largely even in many respects but they looked more like a team with a plan and the class did not tell.
          Most likely that was due to the number of new faces on show so I am sure it will improve but when the papers are full of spending £100m headlines people expect results and expect them sooner rather than later.

          • avatar Aran says:

            It’s really all due to the timing.

            In a month from now we’ll just be starting to see the quality of this squad. I suspect that Lamela and Eriksen will be first team starters pretty much immediately. Paulinho will be a fixture and Vlad will partner Verts in defence. Or, possibly, we’ll see Verts at leftback.


            Walker – Vlad – Kaboul – Verts

            Paulino – Sandro


            Townsend – Soldado – Lamela

            Bench: Freidel, Dawson, Holtby, Capoue, Dembele, Lennon, Defoe

            We don’t even have space on the bench here for Naughton, Rose, Siggurdson and Chadli.

  9. avatar Aran says:

    Trying to figure out how likely deadline day signings are.

    After all, with the sale of Bale we’ve basically spent sod all net this summer. We have to assume there’s still a fair wedge left for new buys.

    I’d like to see a left back and one more striker if I’m honest. Other than that I don’t think we’re really desperate for anything and I’m a little worried about the sheer scale of signings coming in. We’re only four players short of a whole new team!

  10. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    I’m reading that Ozil is focused on winning trophies. Has he put in a transfer request already?

  11. avatar who framed ruel fox? says:


    Just to give you something in the way of an update.

    This site is going to be moving in the not-to-distant future. We’re currently in the process of designing an entirely new thing on a new platform which will be a lot slicker and more accessible for iPhone/androids/tablets etc.

    With any luck it should be ready to after the international break and things can get rocking again with a lot more frequency.

    If anyone has any ideas for things they’d like to see or any queries, drop me a mail. Also if anyone’s wants to contribute anything- artwork, written stuff, videos or just a dried pasta collage- then send that in, too.

    Watch this space.


    • avatar Aran says:

      Oooh, this all sounds very cool.

      The only thing I have in my head right now to suggest is that I’d like to be able to tweet links to not just the articles (though they are wonderful, obviously) but also to comments of note so that I can share with the twitterati the wonderful insights of my fellow readers.

      Is there a tool that does such a thing? Presumably it would mean giving each comment a URL address or some such. I’m no techie so that’s as far as I’ll venture in the how direction.

      Pleased that the site will be more mobile friendly.

      P.S. I would ask one thing… please don’t let people post GIFs. They’re funny once but they really, really start to get on your nerves the 1 thousandth time.

      • avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

        I’ll look into the comment linking. It feels like something that could be done.

        I’ll also do my best to make it a GIF-free zone. In my experience they only help to slow up a site’s loading speed. But then again that could be the result of me having a computer that was built in the Bronze Age.

        I’ll keep you posted, Aran..

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