Bale: ‘We Will Pick Ourselves Up Again’


Well this all sounds rather promising. If you weren’t entirely convinced by the ‘feeling in my waters’ I spoke of yesterday then perhaps this might come as something a little more, shall we say, meaty. Word from the man himself, Gareth Bale, via Spurs TV Online. These things can change in an instant, of course, but it doesn’t sound too much like a man desperate to make a quick exit out the gift shop window with a bin bag full of replica shirts and cockerel-jazzed pillow cases:

“We fought hard this season, the team and the manager have been great,” he said.

“We have got the record points for the club in the Premier League.

“That would normally be enough to qualify for the Champions League, but it’s not meant to be again.

“It’s disappointing, but we will pick ourselves up again.

“We will just have to regroup this season and give it another go.”

It was great to get the win but the clouds just came over and made it a little bit duller, but it’s something we have to learn from, we are a young squad, and we will take it in to the future.”


Image courtesy of Russel Ford Movies.


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