AVB’s Blue and White Army!

Whoop whoop, that’s the sound of the police.

Oh no, my mistake that’s just Mrs. Pembridge from downstairs setting off her panic button again. She must’ve had another fall.

*turns television up*

That’s better.

Ahoy there! Another manager-less day on the high seas for Spurs, then. The Guardian are covering the latest development of this intriguing little affair, and word from them is that Andres Villas-Boas has threatened to withdraw himself from the running; after it had become clear that Daniel Levy was, get this, considering other candidates.

He’s a madman, I tells thee!

In all seriousness, though. I do hope there’s not too much weight to these rumours. It wouldn’t bode well for us if the young Portuguese buck was already acting the twod so early in the process. You’d guess there’s an agent at work here, one that’s looking to get things moving in the right direction rather quicker than they are at present. Things in this case being lots and lots of money and the right direction his bank account.

Here’s a really interesting article on the future of Tottenham, should AVB stop fannying about and get his classically handsome features into office.



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37 Responses to AVB’s Blue and White Army!

  1. avatar spursarecrap says:

    crap manger crap team

  2. avatar spurious says:

    Afternoon. Good of the first guy to add such an insightful and intelligent response….still.

    Anyway, considering the guy was meant to be in Fiji (according to sources) and DL was also supposed to be in the US until the beginning of the week, I think it might well be a few getting a little hot under the collar about nothing.

    Que Sera Sera translates from Portugese also.

  3. avatar Longwell says:

    As for AVB’s reported petulance…meh. The same vague, unsourced rumors came up when his name was flying around as a possibility for the Liverpool job.

    Typical lazy sports journo dusts off old news to fill space! Film at eleven.

  4. avatar jim says:

    I hope to god these rumours are true and AVB has withdrawn. The bloke is woefully underqualified and inexperienced. If i was a player and saw him come in to the club I’d want out asap.
    It will never be AVB’s blue and white army, he will split the fans too much and i for one, will never follow him. Anything but a Moyes appointment will be going backwards, whatever you thought of HR, why on earth get rid of him if we cannot replace him with a better manager. Are Avb or Blanc any better ??? NOOOOO !!!

    The most success we have had is with a british manager with sole control, so what do we do ??? we seem to want to go back the the disasterous DOF role and appoint a european manager. Why are our memories so short?? Remember Ramos anybody ???? This will end in disaster and whoever is appointed will be sack by this time next year.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Yiddo82 says:

      Jim, we never really left the DOF model. We just scrapped the title. Levy did the same job. Basically yay or naying Redknapp’s various requests, (thankfully it was usually a nay), dealing with the scouting network, setting up deals like the one with Internacional, and nipping out for a VdV every now and then unbeknownst to Harry. If Harry had ever had sole control there’d be cast iron proof in the form of Joe Cole aimlessly wandering about the Lane.

  5. avatar Brendan says:

    Whilst I agree with the majority of Jim’s post, I cannot agree that Moyes would be a step up from ‘Aitch. I recognise that he has done a really good job with Everton but I feel employes him would be a sideways step from Harry.

  6. avatar N17 says:

    I would still love to see Andre Vilas Boas as Tottenham’s next manager regardless of what all of the goons are saying. And by goons, I mean those always coming into the fray with a negative opinion, not based on any real knowledge or intellect – more like the grunt of a prehistoric caveman! Uuuuuuugh AVB Nooooooooo!

    If Daniel Levy has any sense whatsoever, he will sign up AVB, Vertonghen, Moutinho, Remy or Huntelaar and bring home some attractive silverware for next season!

  7. avatar Brendan says:

    And what do you base your opinion of AVB on N17?

    I do not see the benefit or sense in replacing our most successful manager for 20+ years with someone as inexperienced as AVB. Winning the ‘Porto’-uguese league with the strongest team is tentamount to winning the SPL with Celtic…not impressive, in my opinion at least!

    • avatar Yiddo82 says:

      I agree that there isn’t a stand out candidate, but the wheels to get rid of Harry were set in motion, by him, some months ago. I don’t think there was any going back on that for Levy. That we now have to take a bit of a punt on a manager is basically in Harry for me. If he’d shut up and showed an ounce of loyalty when Capello went, we wouldn’t be in this mess. But I reckon AVB is a good about. This time last year you’d have all given your right arms for him. His failure at Chelsea wasn’t a commentary on his ability but in Abramovich’s failure to let him we through the very job he was tasked with when they hired him. Namely get the old guard on their way out. That he lacked subtlety and tact is fine by me. His tactics on paper are well suited to us and our traditions, and we don’t have anything like the egos or major need to rebuild that Chelsea had. Worst case we’re sh*t next season. Give it a year and we’ll be there or thereabouts with a new stadium a year closer. In Levy we trust. COYS.

  8. avatar Longwell says:

    Roberto Martinez would be my first choice, but it seems like most folks are even more down on him than AVB.

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    Originally Posted By- spursarecrapcrap manger crap team

    That’s what Joseph said when the three wise men arrived.

  10. avatar Friend or Defoe says:

    does everyone agree we have a better squad than Chelski? Well, AVB had them in 5th place, 3pts behind the Arse when he got the sack, still in the FA Cup and the only English team in the CL. All that with half the side angry with him cos he’s dropped them – as he’d been asked to do by Roman. He got the sack because he lost out to the egos and was not going to win the league. Anyone who thinks we can win the league with our current structure is a little naive, so we need someone who can keep us in the top 4 and build that consistency. we’re nearly there. AVB probably won’t win us the league next year, but then no one will, but I don’t see why he can’t pick up HR’s squad and take us on a step.

  11. avatar Aran says:

    No ‘flocculent’?

  12. avatar Hoggg says:

    #rijkaardtospurs! Frank Rijkaard is the only worthy candidate. AVB is too young and inexperienced and at this pivotal point we cannot afford to risk him. Frank Rijkaard is wasted as the Saudi manager and he has been linked with the club every time the position is available (other than this one, which is puzzling). Keep it simple, keep the football sexi Frank to spurs. Just look at who Barca are today (he started the revolution).

  13. avatar Dean in Brum says:

    AVB’s Blue and white army?

    Fcuk that…

  14. avatar Royalspur says:

    Lets get on with it, we ve all got our personal preferences , mine is Martinez, when you consider the budget he has to work with, he has done so well to keep Wigan in the prem, but I fear we will be back to outside the top 4 , the toon will be a force this season plus the other usual suspects, moves is getting everton better so to be fair to the next guy, get him in quick , ps thanks Harry for the bestv3 years I ve had supporting spurs since I was a lad in the sixties

    • avatar Yiddo82 says:

      The whole “working on a budget” bit is utter nonsense for Martinez. The guy has spent very nearly 38 million quid since he’s been at the club. That’s only marginally less than we ‘Arry in the same time. Take out the joke of resigning Keane and it’s actually markedly more.

      • avatar Longwell says:

        Martinez’s net spend at Wigan is less than 5m pounds, I believe.

        Also, there is more to a team’s budget than transfer fees. Wigan’s wage bill is a fraction of Tottenham’s. To suggest that Redknapp and Martinez were working with even remotely similar resources available to them is absurd.

  15. avatar sheikh352 says:

    According to an ITK on another site, the deal has already been done (for three years) but can’t come into effect until July 1, based on a clause in his severance package from Chelsea which (again, allegedly) prohibits him from managing in the EPL until after the end of June.

    Don’t know more than that.

  16. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    The Dutch media are saying Vertonghen is done, Which is nice. The rumour I’m liking is Modric to Real for 25m and Sahin. A young creative mid who can’t get a game because of all the talent at Real plus a wad of cash for a player who wants out. Make it happen Mr. Levy!

  17. avatar Aran says:

    Bale’s not bailing!

    Looks like this is the first salvo in a carefully stage managed PR attack. It seems to me that Bale wouldn’t have signed a contract extention until he knew who the new manager is going to be. If that’s the case we should soon get a big announcement about AVB (seems the top pick still) joining as manager and Tim Sherwood as the new DoF. If Levy has all his ducks in a row this should come alongside a couple of new signings to sweeten the bitter pill of Modric leaving. We’ll also hear about how every penny from the sale of Modric, plus a couple of million more, will be put in the hands of the new manager to set us up for a top three tilt next season.

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