AVB Isn’t Scared of Reading (Even the Big Words)

I think it was Robert Smith who said it best: balls to the rest of the week, Friday’s where it’s really at. Or words to that end. I for one agree with the magnolia-hued songstress. Friday is very much among us and its co-piloted by the end of the international sabbatical and the resumption of bonafide League soccer. Whallop!

I won’t knock the interlude; as is often and rightly fashionable. For starters it had the good grace not to break any of our stars and for main-course/pudding it gave us some barnstorming Spurs-themed action. That free-kick from the Boy Bale against the Serbs was a certified ‘mad-banger’. Also, by the medium of a fairly ropey highlights package and a stream in which the action looked to have been filmed on an oven chip, it was nice to catch a double-viewing of our Belgian brothers, Jan and Dembele. It’s the new Croatian, don’t you know.

Elsewhere this week, the ridiculous sh*t-storm over Hugo Lloris appears to have died down a little. As the media oiks got their breeches in an almighty twist in the days after the transfer deadline, at the revelatory suggestion that Bradley Friedel might’ve earned his number one berth after a ripping good display against Norwich, the only news to report now is that Hugo is, get this, willing to fight for his place. A shocking turn of events.

To Reading, then. My lasting memory of this lot is Berbatov, at the height of his sexual prowess, twonking four past them at The Lane in a post-Christmas slugfest. A daft game in which we perhaps first realised Pascal Chimbonda was going to be *cough* ‘a problem’. Seriously guys?, lovely Dimitar’s face cried.

In these current winds of change, I’m sure most of us would gladly settle for a plodding 1-0 victory on Sunday. Who knows, we’re probably capable of dismantling McDermott’s men with holes on the belt to spare. But this seems to be one of those occasions where the performance is largely immaterial. AVB needs a break- from the alarmist media, from the small section of boo-turds hogging up all the living space- and one feels only three points will allow him such a luxury. Then, perhaps, he can go about his business of exacting Spurs’ World Domination uninterrupted. Again, we’re right behind you, Andre. Good luck.




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8 Responses to AVB Isn’t Scared of Reading (Even the Big Words)

  1. avatar elwehbi says:

    The Reading fans will be very excited to have football back (last match was postponed if I’m not mistaken), so expect them to get behind their boys and make life difficult for Spurs. Still, we clearly have the better side and we need to make the most of this opportunity. 3 points por favor!

  2. avatar seattlespursguy says:

    AVB definitely needs a win to get the press off his back. I shudder to think of the “Spurs in Crisis” stories to come if we lose to Reading.

  3. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Frightened of them? He’s never even heard of them.
    A win and we could be in the top half of the table thus passing the baton of failure
    over to Mr. Rogers at Liverpool.
    Spurs 2-1.
    Well I’m not always wrong.

    • avatar who framed ruel fox? says:

      No, you’ve got it wrong. It was Redknapp who was scared of Reading. Writing, too, if we’re going to be overly critical.

      I’d take your prediction, Jimmy. Three points in any shape or form. If you’d be so kind.

  4. avatar seattlespursguy says:


  5. avatar Aran says:

    That’s more like it, eh?

  6. avatar Longwell says:

    As my posting history here will confirm, I am a big fan of the AVB appointment. But that doesn’t make this any less funny:


  7. avatar Longwell says:

    Also, Thud’s delicious dummy preserved for posterity in GIF form!


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