‘Arry Needs to Think About His Short-Term Plans First

So ‘Arry reckons he might get a bit bored managing England:

‘I enjoy the day-to-day coming in to work with players, said the media-introvert on Radio 4 this week- going out on the training pitch every day, seeing the players.

I don’t know if seeing players once every six or seven weeks….it would be different for me and I would find it very difficult.’

Talking of which. You know what I find boring? Listening to Harry Redknapp discussing the England job. And what could be even more boring than that? Listening to Harry Redknapp discussing the prospect of being bored whilst doing the job of being England manager. Honestly. Bore off, with the whole charade. In case you hadn’t noticed we’re doing rather well at the moment. A bit of focus, please. You wouldn’t see a heart surgeon stop mid-operation to tell the patient’s family that he’s got a cracking appendectomy lined up for this afternoon.

It’s too good a gig to turn down, to be fair. It’s every surgeon’s dream. Er… sorry about your son.

And now to the main event. West Brom are in the building. It feels like only yesterday that Adebayor and Co. were making a nuisance of themselves up at the Hawthorns- and I suppose in football speak that’s more or less how long ago it was. The Baggies will tell you a lot has changed since then; they’re more than just a team who’ll hang on bravely for forty-five minutes only to roll over like a wheezing dog when it really counts. Their stalemating of Man City last week was something to behold.

We of Tottenham will need to be at our most cunning, then. And, likely, those in residents at their most patient. If we’ve not fully obliterated them off the park within twenty-minutes- leaving only their dental records and the odd loose stud- no need to panic. The goal(s) will come. Life, as Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park, will find a way.  And this is probably exactly what he had in mind. Let’s make pre-history of them WBA berks.

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