Apparently Kaboul isn’t Rubbish Anymore


It’s all go round here.

More gossip than a hairdresser’s waiting room.

Gossip might even be an understatement as the lad from Monaco looks to have scrawled his John Hancock in all the right places; much, it has to be said, to the annoyance of Spammers supremo, David Sullivan. ‘We saw him first,’ he cried while grasping a contract written on the back of a cereal box. ‘I don’t care,’ was Harry’s polite reply. After that substantial war of words, the dust has settled and Eidur Gudjohnsen is an honorary Yid until the season’s end. Good bit of a business, I reckon. Providing nothing shady emerges in the wake of Redknapp’s eleventh hour plunder.

‘I mean, it is legal isn’t it, boss?’

‘Sure, sure. Now start the van.’

Elsewhere in the twilight zone, one Younes Kaboul is being touted as a possible returnee. Another erstwhile Spurs man wishing to crawl back into the warm part of the bed after realising he can’t live without us. I know what you’re thinking- have Portsmouth fixed him, then? Well, I’m not entirely sure. The evidence would suggest so, but then, in a side who once considered David James their most valued asset, you’ve got to wonder who wouldn’t be a hit down on the south coast.

Kaboul back to Spurs?

The world’s gone bonkers.

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31 Responses to Apparently Kaboul isn’t Rubbish Anymore

  1. avatar Mike Rowe says:

    Hey, Kaboul is a much better player these days and always had potential. I would welcome hom back as he could cover in defense for leds/woody, and would also IMHO make a pretty good stand in for Midfield as he can tackle and works hard enough and has those blistering runs occasionally that often came to nothing but would make our midfield even harder to predict
    The other bit of business is Arry being very clever before he off loads Pav to Siberia

  2. I initially thought “yikes” but I’m starting to think “why not?” If he’s CB and DM cover that we get for minimal money, I’m willing to trust ‘Arry on this. He rated YK enough to buy him off us and I don’t recall being a disaster for Pompey.

  3. avatar KayBee says:

    Didn’t he get an own goal or something the other night?

    I recall hearing his name and having a chuckle about something.

    Not that you can judge him on one incident, of course. I’m no kneejerk reactionist; not like that David Sulleevan character.

  4. avatar Confused says:

    We buy him for £7 million, sell him for £4 milion ( of which only 2 got paid) the year after and then buy him back for £10 million?? Good business ehh? Al least he’ll be Harry’s man now so he’ll get a game??

  5. avatar lol says:

    you mug you would buy shit if harry said

  6. avatar spursLA says:

    He’s been given the armband and guaranteed starting every game

  7. avatar paul cav says:

    kaboul is crap redknapp should never have left portsmouth why is he buying more of there players we do not need them

    • avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

      I seem to remember we were at the arse end of the premiership and free falling fast prior to Harry’s arrival…….

      That said I don’t rate Kaboul, never have done. I wasn’t upset to see him go the 1st time round and certainly not keen to see him return. Surely we should have secured better cover for our injury prone defense.

  8. avatar Davy41 says:

    Just saw a bit on another site saying Arry is looking at the Prince as cover for Wilson soon be all back again now where is Bent and Ramos.

  9. avatar KayBee says:

    Bloody hell.

    I thought we’d let all these people go for a reason.

    Kaboul has improved hugely since he left us (getting regular games outside of our pressure cooker environment has helped in that regard), but if we truly harbour Champ League place desires, is he, good enough, even as cover?

    And the Prince? I hadn’t heard us being linked to him. 2+2=5 in regards to whatever media outlet you heard it from, I reckon?

  10. avatar TonyTott says:

    It seems like with Harry’s purse strings being firmly shut, Spurs are doing some clever things to get around it. Spurs want Begovic (Pompey keeper) and are offering to ease Pompey’s wage bill by taking Kaboul back and waiving outstanding payments that Pompey owe for him. I have no doubt that we would come out on top in the situation because everyone knows how desperate people in financial trouble can be. As for Kaboul, I was pleased to see him go (and for that much money), but I guess we will have to trust Harry that Kaboul has grown since then.

  11. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

    I hear O’Hara has been sequestered to Portsmouth till the end of the season.

  12. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

    Anyone have any more news on the transfer front ?

  13. avatar KayBee says:

    No more transfer news, but my *ahem* “sources” have passed on a scurrilous rumour about this story here

    and here

    I’m told the woman in question is Wayne Bridge’s missus, and Terry was the man responsible for both the child she recently aborted, and the subsequent press gagging order.

    We always knew he’s a class act.

  14. For me, YK was very Zokora-like; great physical tools, speed, power, etc, but poor on the mental aspects. What I read on the Pompey boards says he has improved to be an average-to-better PL defender. Harry clearly rates him, and if he comes here as cover, I don’t think it’s a bad deal. He’s still young in CB terms and training with our 1st team players and coaches can only help him.

  15. avatar Trembly says:

    The big question surely, is whether Younes Kaboul plucks his eyebrows.

  16. Humble apologies for the lack of pre-match blogerooney. Curse this damned day job and all its time sapping powers.

    Let’s just say we all hope for a thoroughly good game with maximum points this way.


  17. ‘Providing nothing shady emerges in the wake of Redknapp’s eleventh hour plunder.’

    ‘I mean, it is legal isn’t it, boss?’

    ‘Sure, sure. Now start the van.’


  18. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

    Hurrah a glorious draw snatched from the jaws of victory 🙁

  19. avatar SeattleSpursGuy says:

    So, lots of gossip that PSB is on the way to S’lund. 9 mil please, and we’ll see you at your testimonial, son.

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