A Prize Worth Winning

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I’ve never given anything away on this thing before- apart from juicy, nutritious shards of wisdom, that is. Why are you smirking? Fine. I’ve never given anything away on here before. It’s not that I’m stingy, I’m just rarely in possession of a prize worth coveting. I’ve tried looking in the shed but to be honest I’m not sure how much interest there’d be in a soggy box of nails and an old bike wheel. But hold the phone. What’s this?

A copy of Michael Lacquiere’s (AANP) ‘Spurs’ Cult Heroes’ book, you say? RRP £16.99?

I don’t believe it. Well start.

I know there’re a couple of these darting around the blogospheres at the moment; this generosity lark is spreading like wildfire. Don’t be confused by the fact they’re been given away, though: it’s a bloody good read. You’ll devour it, trust me. A prize which I’m sure is being posted off with some reluctance by those willing to do so. Did I mention there’re pictures, too?

But enough talk. How do I win one?

It couldn’t be easier. Just send the correct answer to the following question to: whoframedruelfox@hotmail.co.uk

What was the transfer fee paid by Spurs to sign Jimmy Greaves?

Next week: ‘Win three-metres of hose pipe.’

Good luck.

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53 Responses to A Prize Worth Winning

  1. avatar KayBee says:

    What’s the question for the 3 meters of hosepipe?

  2. Some Sunderland build up to follow…

    As soon as Foggy reveals the secrets of his moving avatar.

    Admit it, you all want one…

  3. avatar sambo says:

    Great quote on that fountain of knowledge wiki – Greaves returned to England and Spurs after failing to settle in Italy – his stats? 12 games, 9 goals! I wonder how many he would of scored had he settled..?

  4. avatar KayBee says:

    Mine was supposed to be animated – the Martians should actually be laughing at the potato. I figured I’d gone over the filesize limit.

  5. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Ok then I’m in.

    Please don’t call me Jim! No offence to people called Jim but I dislike it immensely.

    While I’m here……………. anyone else find ITV’s commentary insanely annoying? Anyone would have thought that Arsenal carried the hopes and dreams of the entire planet last night.

    Their commentary for our game against Fulham was cringeworthily pro-Fulham, even when we smashed them off the park in the 2nd half!

    Rant over…

  6. avatar KayBee says:

    I never listen to ITV commentary. I’ll have BBC Radio London on, or, failing that, some tunes.

    Today I arr bin mostly listening to SWV…

  7. avatar Foggy says:

    Afternoon lads,any more old books in your shed Foxy,first editions or the like?

    As for the avatar all I did was type in Free Avatars on Google and look through what came up until I found the one you see before you.,then I clicked on it and it went into my files,the rest in down to pure luck as I’m not that much of a computer wizard.

    On another subject has anyone read anything about that young left back we were supposed to be close to signing,I can’t remember his name sorry.

  8. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    People of Who Framed Ruel Fox……..

    I didn’t see that the answer was to be e-mailed to Mr Fox.

    I apologise. I will now withdraw from the competition and wait until next weeks chance of winning the 3 metres of hosepipe arises.

    I can’t really openly read stuff at my desk (due to being at work) so everyhting is done in small windows and with a quick scan of the eyes.

    Sorry again

  9. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:

    Can the hosepipe in question be attached to Wenger’s exhaust pipe?

  10. avatar KayBee says:

    That hosepipe’s MINE, JamieSpurs!!

  11. avatar Foggy says:

    No worries Jamie were all friends here mate,

  12. avatar JamieSpurs says:


    Gallas out for the season, Arshavin out for 3 weeks, Van Rapist still 2 weeks away from first team training………………

    Arsenal’s title dreams have been FABREDASHED

    Now let’s go and fucking hammer the final nail in their coffin at WHL!!


  13. avatar Foggy says:

    FABREDASHED lol,nice play on words.

  14. Not to worry, Jamie. The offending post has been removed. But I think as an act of contrition, we’re all allowed to call you Jim… 😉

  15. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:



    Pinch punch 1st of the month and all that,

  16. avatar KayBee says:

    Anyone going to the NLD?

  17. avatar KayBee says:

    Gotta say… COME ON DAVID HAYE for tonight!

  18. avatar KayBee says:

    Tomorrow even… keep thinking it’s Saturday :s

  19. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Go on the hayemaker!!!

    I hope Man Utd v Chelsea is something akin to ‘the 300’ and LOADS of players are out of the Spurs games.


  20. avatar JamieSpurs says:

    Team news….

    No daws, Wilson, hudd!! JD returns.

    If we beat sunderland with those key players out I’ll be mightily impressed!

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