5 Most Valuable WWE Wrestlers

The World Wrestling Entertainment, popularly known by its acronym WWE is an American company which has seen a massive growth in the last two decades. The company started as a wrestling federation in 1952 with a very few wrestles, now employs multiple wrestlers who wrestle across different  brands.

With the company now moving into other ventures such as real state and movies, the WWE Net Worth is expected to see another exponential growth over the next few years. Various WWE superstars have appeared in movies as well, such as Triple H in The Chaperone, John Cena in 12 Rounds, etc. The wrestlers are an asset to the company and that is one of the reasons why even after retirement, some of them remain too valuable to the company to be released completely.

John Cena

John Cena has been one of the best superstars that WWE has ever produced. However, considerable credit must be given to John as well because he played a key role in almost all of WWE Raw storylines, and did it quite brilliantly. Whether it’s wrestling with Brock Lesnar, or with Kurt Angle or even the Undertaker, John Cena gave the WWE universe some of the best matches. This is one of the reasons why the fans adore him to the extent that even a single appearance of John on a show is enough to make the show a success. John Cena is currently off the ring, but he has not been released from the company yet, and is likely to remain with the company for quite a lot of time.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is admirably you better than most of the WWE Superstars, and he has an epic role in making WWE SmackDown a popular brand as Raw. Popularly known as the Dead Man, the Undertaker has a massive public appeal and the WWE makes full use of this legendary wrestler, who now wrestles part time. Also, his WrestleMania appearances have made a huge impact on earnings of the company, putting the Dead Man into the list of the most valuable WWE wrestlers.

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus has been an iconic WWE superstar in the early years of the 21st century. She was the one who set up new records and had numerous achievements in the Women’s division of WWE. Even to this day, the presence of Trish Stratus has a big impact on the viewership of WWE shows. Her team up with Lita against Alexa Bliss and Mickie James was well received and so was her match against Charlotte Flair. However, she has retired long back and is WWE Hall of Famer who was inducted in 2013, but still WWE continues to use her for various promotional events.

Shawn Michales

Shawn Michaels did not have a promising but career as an individual superstar, but post his first retirement he made an impact from the D’Generation X along with Triple H. That is the reason why at least one member of the D’Generation X always competes at WrestleMania, and Shawn marks his presence in almost all of them. He also has a huge impact like the other legends and WWE invites him to be a part of different promotional events, apart from the Pay Per Views. He was also called back from the second retirement as well, to team up against the Brothers of Destruction.

Brock Lesnar

This UFC superstar is also an asset to the WWE, and his worth can be estimated from the fact that despite his limited appearances on WWE shows, Brock Lesnar is the highest paid WWE wrestlers. Also, WWE wants to ride on his popularity and hence has given him a relaxation from the exclusivity agreement under the WWE contract. Brock also has numerous reigns as the champion in WWE, and it becomes very important to keep a superstar with such a great day popularity with the company, which the WWE doing well.

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