Graphic Design and Illustration Documentaries You Should Watch

Graphic design and illustration are two different creative fields. Graphic design is usually recognized as a commercial form of art while illustration is seen as fine art. Graphic design involves a lot of communication with a specific target audience while illustration mostly focuses on creative interpretation.

Graphic design has become part of our modern-day lives, from the billboards you see on the streets to the logos you see on your bread wrappers. Graphic design and illustration are of significant benefit to those who want to market their products or services. You must seek the services of an expert to get the best image or designs for your business.

Visit for the best illustrations. Graphic designers are also required to dig deeper every day and find new content, which is essential for their job description. Watching illustration and graphic design documentaries can help sharpen one’s skills in this type of work. Here are ten graphic design and illustration documentaries you must watch to improve your skills.


This is a perfect documentary for people in this creative field. It mainly explores how standardization of digital technology has given artists and other creative minds a wide range of opportunities together with new challenges. Several established artists were interviewed in this documentary.

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

This piece discusses one of the most renowned designers of the 20th century. Milton Glaser, who is behind these designs, is well-known for his outstanding “I Love NY” push. Watching this film will inspire you more as a designer. With inspirational quotes like “The purpose of art is to inform and delight,” you are given all the reasons to become an excellent graphic designer.


This is a film meant to celebrate the history of Helvetica and the reason for its predominance and appeal to the world. It also evaluates how graphic design and typesetting influence our culture. You can watch it on Netflix or the website of the film.


It is a film that mostly speaks about the relationship between users of manufactured objects, manufactured objects, and those who design them. It is a great accolade to the design procedure and an eye-catching sequence of industrial design that evaluates how manufactured items and their designers impact our lives.

The “Artist Series” by Hillman Curtis

Hillman Curtis gets to interview some of the top designers and about their work. Some of the outspoken names interviewed include Malcolm Gladwell, Milton Glaser, Paula Scher, and Stefan Sagmeister. You can watch it on Hillman’s website.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This film was created by renowned graffiti artist Banksy and mostly examines Los Angeles thrift shop owners. It centers on street art, and designers will enjoy it because of how it explores the intuitive nature of the art industry.

Art and Copy

This documentary is mostly about the advertising sector in the United States and all the procedures that take place in the different design campaigns. Several creative minds in the advertising sector were interviewed in this documentary.

Eames: The Architect and the Painter

This short film is about a legendary duo of husband and wife who specialize in industrial design. The documentary features their artwork, photography, film, and architecture. It mostly focuses on their personalities, marriage, and work.


It is the perfect documentary for logo designers. This short film features a dystopian Los Angeles where every person is created out of a logo. It grabbed an award for the best animated film in 2007.

Bauhaus: The Face of the 20th Century

This film is about one of the most admired design schools, which is Bauhaus. It was an impactful force in modern art, design, architecture, and design practices. This is a movie every designer must watch. You can buy it from Amazon.


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