What now for Eriksen?

Christian Eriksen doesn’t seem like the kind of character to have a public meltdown or go on strike if his dream move doesn’t materialize. ‘If nothing pops up that is more exciting, why not stay in Tottenham?’ he told reporters last week, with typical Scandinavian stoicism.

Sure, a big money transfer to Real Madrid would be just grand— it’s a move that has a history of working out rather well for talented midfielders— but you can’t imagine him throwing the mother of all Berbatov stops if things don’t pan out how he’d hoped.

Well, it looks like we might be about to find out.

Real Madrid, it seems, have cooled their interest in the Danish maestro. The Spanish giants don’t quite have the bottomless pockets they once did in the various Galácticos eras; no longer do they have the financial iron fist which can dominate the transfer market, in a world where the Oil State-backed behemoths of City and PSG rule. You feel now even some nouveau riche Premier League clubs, greased by the powers of TV money, could fiscally compete with Real, if not with as prestigious a history or trophy cabinet.

Now, with Eden Hazard and Luka Jović already purchased and a whopping great roof for the Bernabeu to pay for, Florentino Pérez might be pulling those purse strings a little tighter. Just like a visit to https://www.casinosnz.io/ perhaps the funds could be used elsewhere. To restore an ageing defence instead of adding to a playmaker roster that already contains Isco and Eden Hazard. They’re hardly crying out for another number 10.

So what does that mean for Eriksen?

Who could buy him?

Well, according to some top betting sites, Real Madrid aren’t the only club worthy of his talents, or, indeed, the only club who could afford him. Man City obviously have all the money, but would they need another attacking midfielder of Eriksen’s profile? The two Silvas, De Bruyne, Mahrez, Foden. I’m struggling to see where he fits and Guardiola will know he can get equally good for half the price if he shops on the continent.

Barcelona have already been stung by the high profile purchase of Coutinho. Would they really want to risk another big money move for a Premier League star? Bayern don’t tend to tangle with the £75m+ caliber of players, and who can blame them? Is Inter a step up at this moment in time?

PSG it is, then! Or, you know, he could stay.

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