UEFA Champions League picks up the pace with most groups shaping up

Many games have already been played in the UEFA Champions League and the groups are starting to show how they’re going to end up. Of course, a lot can still change, but it’s obvious when you look at the current results to know that clubs such as Bayern, PSG, as well as Manchester City are going to make it to the play-offs. There have been some upsets as well with teams such as Atalanta which has been scraping the bottom of the group since the beginning of their league run, as well as Liverpool dropping a game in the group stage. 

Nobody really expects you to win every single game if you were the UEFA Champions League winner last year, but Liverpool has definitely dropped the ball here. However, there is still time for them to shape up and make it to the play-offs while finishing first in their group if they manage to get a win against Napoli and pick up some other wins in their group as well.  

As for the other groups, nothing too exceptional has been going on, but the games that some teams have been playing are indicative of what we should expect from them. Tottenham shows up to their latest match-up against Crvena Zvezda where they managed to win the game 5-0, which was a tremendous victory for them. The match looked somewhat like some kind of adult entertainment almost, taking on the forms of even some VR simulators like Adventure Porn Games or a hentai game such as VR Porn Games or something. This is definitely something that Tottenham needed to get their head back in the game and manage to make it to the play-offs in better form than in which they’ve started the group stage. Sure, the home crowd helped a lot, but that was still a solid goal difference that they managed to pull off. 

Dinamo Zagreb is also shaping up and contending the second place in their group which is something that not many professionals have predicted. Atalanta lost their away match in Croatia when Dinamo managed to slam them with a 4-0 result back in September and this match also featured the amazing Mislav Oršić scoring a hat trick and landing in the number one place when it comes to total goals scored in the competition thus far with 7 goals, two more than Lewandowski who is currently sharing the number 4 spot with two other players. 

As the games keep coming on and the competition moves along, only time will tell as to what will happen next. While there are some obvious teams which we will see fighting for the championship, there’s no saying that some underdogs are going to try and make a run for it and get that number one spot. Let’s just say that it’s going to be a very exciting championship to say the least and that we should stay tuned for future matches.  

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