Slightly Awful Dour Rangers

omgThere’s a certain retrograde feel about the Premiership this year, what with Norwich and QPR knocking about on the shop floor. It’s like the mid-nineties again; a more innocent time when Trevor Sinclair, Darren Eadie, Les Ferdinand and Ruel Fox could justifiably call themselves king. (Well, perhaps not the last one.) It’s so Merlin sticker collection I can barely stand it. Things may’ve changed somewhat since the Hoops were last spotted lunching on the top table- Norwich’s absence has been less protracted, of course- but there’s a warm-hearted familiarity about their presence this season that I kind of like. So there.

But are they any good? A less than convincing second half against Chelsea last week- despite hefty numerical advantage- would suggest there’s room for improvement. While they eventually gasped over the line there was every chance the whole thing could’ve gone to the dogs. Or John Terry’s house, as it’s often called. I’ve not seen the stats to prove the point, but at times it looked as if they were totally overrun by the Chav’s depleted droves. The six-nil defeat at Craven Cottage didn’t look to clever, either.

As ever, we’re at the mercy of the footballing gods this Sunday- which means Adel Taraabt will likely have a vital role to play. Whether it’s bazooking (yeah that’s a word) an overhead-kick from twenty-five yards or getting a red for elbow-dropping the ball boy; you just know he’s going to be at the centre of it. Your predictions, if you’d be so kind. COYS!

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  1. avatar DAVSPURS says:

    We are facing a team with Mr Barton from my area Hyton about 8 miles away and do i trust is energy levels alongside ex offender Paddy Kenny my honest answer is no. So if we match there Tempo and play 442 we will maul them and score 5 or more but if Harry plays the same team he played at Newcastle and Blackburn we will wobble and struggle but just win a close game or sadly draw.

  2. avatar Catcher says:

    Cant see anything other than a win for Spurs and a high scoring one, had htey lost to Chelsea last week i would have been a little more concerned, but because of that we will take them a bit more seriously,
    score 4-0

  3. avatar cc says:

    Well QPR is another different test for the team to face. They got some players but any Warnock team especially with Barton/Ferdinand etc is going to have some ‘in your face’ time with out players and they can deliver the hustle and bustle that any sensible opposition would give us too. So if any of ours collapse in midfield at the mere hint of a tackle will get no sympathy from me. No space for fancy dans. If we match them for application then our superior quality should tell.

    My biggest concern is the atmosphere at WHL. If the crowd treat it like a foregone conclusion and are flat at the start we might not be at full intensity and Rangers will be ready and waiting to knock us off our high horse if we give them a chance. So even though we should win and QPR is not the biggest attraction we got to remember that a win will keep us on the tails of Chelsea and Manchester. That is the way we have to think about it and I hope we can get the noise going early and constant to transmit this to the lads. Now is not the time to revert to shooting ourselves in the foot. Prediction: 2-1 to Spurs… because we always win by that score don’t we 🙂

  4. avatar Marshbowl says:

    Thats it chaps right us off we thrive on it , your almost as up yorself as chelscum. Hope we turn you right over because make no mistake someone is gonna take a real hiding off us this season.

  5. avatar Longwell says:

    A win tomorrow and we’re level on points with Chelsea, and with a game in hand to boot.

    Wonder how our wee Croatian likes them apples. I like mine bangtidy. And that’s what they’re gonna be.

    3-1 to the Tottingham.

  6. avatar Aran says:

    Really impressed with QPR so far. They’re clearly overmatched quality wise but that’s to be expected with the gulf between the two clubs’ resources but they’ve showed real fight and real professionalism to force their way back into the match when things looked doomed.

    Sport is all about spirit and character and this lot have it in buckets.

  7. avatar Aran says:

    Well here we are. Level on point with Chelsea but with a game in hand. Not so bad. Not so bad at all.

    A potential banana skin, as the pundits do like to say, away at Fulham next after an away day in Russia for the little ones. Great to see Bale grab a couple and to have King back. Gallas and Sandro on the mend too. The bench today looked pretty scary which is always reassuring. Shame we didn’t manage a clean sheet but three point and two goals to the GD isn’t to be sniffed at.

    Can’t say I fancy Defoe’s chances of a first team start with VDV continuing to bang them in. That’s 6 in 5 if memory serves. Ade’s due a goal soon surely? Impressive work rate from our African hit man. And what can we say about Parker? A fantastic buy. Up there with VDV. Top quality and top work rate.

    There’s such quality all over the pitch that it’s hard to know where to start but isn’t that as it should be? If you can pick out one or two men for praise too often then it tends to suggest a lack of depth. No one man team here. Best spurs team in my lifetime that’s for sure.

    • avatar seattlespursguy says:

      Yup, a very professional effort out there. We could have hit them for 2-3 more, but Ade forgot his shooting boots. That said, Ade’s effort up front really helped the others score, and we are very lucky to have him. Think of Bale’s first; Ade controls a longish pass, slides it to Lennon, who touches it on to Bale. Can you imagine if we still had Crouch? The move would have died right there when 3MP tripped over the ball.

  8. avatar ruetheday says:

    Call our game in hand a win and we’re third. Fulham, Villa, West Brom next month, then Bolton, Stoke, Sunderland and Chelski in the run up to Chrimbo, and Norwich and Swansea for stocking fillers and pre-New Year japes. West Brom and Wolves to clear the hangover, and then Citeh away before we host Wigan to see out January.

    Well fook me if they don’t all (City aside) look eminently winnable. Chelsea ought to be a little less frail by then, or else complete cannon fodder (could go either way, I suppose), and while City can be pretty bloody fearsome on their day, Bayern showed they’re not invincible. Other than that, no easy games in the Premier League and blah blah blah, but we really ought to be looking to notch up a heady winning streak here. There’s ten games there that look (on today’s form, which admittedly was against QPR, but in fairness, they’re not too shabby) pretty straightforward: keep the squad fit, keep everyone doing what they’re doing, and we ought to be safely above 2 points per game.

    Now here’s a choice selection of the teams that the clubs above us will have to face in that same time frame (non-Premier League fixtures in brackets):

    City: (Villareal), Newcastle, Liverpool (twice), Arsenal (and once in the Carling Cup), (Bayern Munich), Chelsea
    United: (Benfica), Newcastle (ha) Arsenal
    Chelsea: Liverpool (and once in the Carling Cup), (Bayer Leverkusen), Newcastle, (Valencia), City, Us,
    Newcastle: City, United (twice), Chelsea, Liverpool

    The two teams beneath us? I’m glad you asked:
    Liverpool: Chelsea (and once in the Carling Cup), City (twice), Newcastle
    Arsenal: City (and once in the Carling Cup), United

    With the exception of Newcastle, who are plainly buggered, and Liverpool who don’t have any European nights to worry about, all those teams are currently fighting in three competitions – we’re fighting in two, and our first team only have to worry about one. With the exception of United, all of them have much more daunting, much more congested fixture lists – and it’s worth remembering that United’s squad is a little bit thin at the moment due to injury, so there’s no reason to assume they’ll be sweeping all aside simply because they’re mostly playing ‘weaker’ teams. Ultimately, we could be sitting pretty come the new year. I’m still not at all confident it’s going to happen, but I think we’ve got all the conditions for a perfect storm right there.

    The most important thing is to go back to that list of upcoming fixtures: Fulham, Villa, WBA, Bolton, Stoke, Chelsea, Norwich, Swansea, WBA, Wolves – two or three years ago, each one of those games (let’s substitute the newly-promoted sides for similar teams from seasons gone by…) would’ve looked like potential disasters. Now? We’re going in the right direction, I think.

  9. avatar cc says:

    A very good team effort. Adebayor has been vital to this good run.

    He got through a real shift today and it was selfless work too, no glamour in that hold up play.

    Spoke to a gooner who saw today and was surprised at him doing the donkey work and playing others in as they passed him.

    One other thing they said was King must be a machine under that skin as he looks so cool despite not training.

    • avatar KayBee says:

      Agreed, although how he missed that beaut that Lennon set him up with at the end of the game is beyond me!

      • avatar cc says:

        Yes he didn’t have his shooting boots on. It could be just one of those things but I think it may be about focus. Because once a team has good players all over the pitch then success is oddly enough about sacrifice. While they can each do most everything success as a team comes from each focusing on doing their little bit. Doing their bit also means not doing everything they could do. So if you are Ade and 100% zoned in on hold up play for the team maybe you snatch at chances a little more than you would if that was your focus. It will be good for him to bag a few soon for himself though just to make him smile. But his hold up and link play are vital and irreplaceable so he might not get the time off job that to really focus on scoring.

        • avatar KayBee says:

          “Just to make him smile” – personally, I’ve never seen Ade look so happy as he does in a Spurs shirt. Seems to have a perma-grin etched across his boatrace.

          I like it! 🙂

          But yeah, I’m with you all the way there, CC. One of the things that stood out for me at the weekend was that every single player put a shift in.

          I like that also. I like that a lot.

          Seems like a lot of confidence in the team at the mo as well, read Rafa and Balers comments today to see what I mean.

          There’s a buzz about us, and something feels in the offing.

          • avatar cc says:

            Yes Ade does always smile in our shirt even when doing the ugly stuff the team needs (certainly not his reputation). Like all strikers though I am sure he has a special place in his heart for scoring.
            Overall though it was a great performance from the team from front to back and you can see that buzz you mentioned in both the skill and work rate of the team.
            Would be good to see the Manchester clubs trip up soon. Every top club has had a blip bar them. Just seeing them drop some points for no reason would add to the buzz at WHL.

          • avatar Aran says:

            The confidence is palpable. The team out there on Sunday was without a doubt the best Spurs side I’ve ever seen.

            Winning is a habit. A couple more good ones and we could be hooked.

  10. avatar SeattleSpursGuy says:

    One thing I really like is the focus on the league this year. As great as the CL adventure was last year, it was pretty obvious Harry and the players were so intent on making a splash in Europe that league games had less intent about them. We can debate the merits of the Europa Cup, but clearly Harry isn’t bothered with it and has everyone committed to top four this season.

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