What will Silly Season do to the chances Pochettino’s army ‘17/18 Season?

This season proved to be the strongest season from Spurs in the Premier League era and finally beating the Gunners in the process.

Last season

Tottenham looked ready to go all through the season, and proved to only team to be close to matching what turned out to be a Blues winning machine. The collective togetherness of Pochettino’s men is a pleasure for all football fans to see. The creative abilities of Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, and Harry Kane combining on the foundation of such a sturdy defensive structure – it is a beautiful sight to watch.

That Mauricio has created a thorough team spirit of individuals of great skill becomes clear when you simply look at the stats of last season. The least goals against (26), the clear P.L. top scorer, and two creative geniuses in Alli and Eriksen with a combined 48 goals either created or scored.

However, the fact remains that so many out there still see Tottenham as an almost club. Really, it seems as though Atlético Madrid and Spurs are seen in the same respect – very strong collectives, great individuals, and iconic leaders on both sides. However, the constant buzz on whether or not the two sides can take the next step seems to be only one poor result away.

And this is where Silly Season really can be the make or break season for Tottenham – before the first kick is even made.

Silly Season

The recent interviews, Dele Alli in regards to his future, have been ambiguous on so many occasions in regards to his future after his second excellent season. Alli being linked to Real Madrid, and Erikson being tied to Barcelona, there are reasons to start worrying. Even though Danny Rose, in his interview on Saturday, strongly believed that Harry Kane will stay to break records for the club, other concerns might very well have become inflamed. Frankly, if Silly Season ends up being as cruel as it might be with all the top clubs looking at Spurs with a microscope, Tottenham’s odds of winning the league might look similar to the chances of winning the jackpot (though the bookies did learn their lesson after the massive Leicester payoffs of last seasons title defenders).

Luckily, though, Mauricio has foreseen this possibility. Having actively ensured that most of his key players are under contract until ‘21/22, it will help stave off most of the immediate temptations from the top clubs. Furthermore, the manager has made his intentions clear – strengthen the team in depth, and acquire a marquee signing to finally spring Spurs into a unquestionable title race for next season.
















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