Red Rose Redemption

Rose beef

Danny Rose’s interview with The Sun in August was about as well-received amongst Tottenham fans as a soiled mattress dumped on the front lawn.

While most reasonable supporters could see logic in the England defender’s complaints—Spurs’ rigid transfer policy can be frustrating at times—few could understand the sense in going public.

The modern man will find no joy burying his feelings, of course. We’re encouraged not to internalize our problems. That’s how teary breakdowns in the queue at the post office start. By all means vent. Let it all out, buddy. But perhaps not to a tabloid newspaper, days before the start of a new season.

A best it’s ill-timed, at worst destructive.

Whatever outcome he’d banked upon, by opening up to the press, his case was undermined at every turn. Above all, Rose hadn’t played a minute of football since the turn of the year. While his teammates were busying themselves with a genuine title challenge in early spring, the England fullback was in the treatment room.

It can’t help but have felt like a betrayal of their efforts, to essentially suggest that the club wasn’t good enough to compete. When in reality, they were doing just fine without him.

His position was weakened further still when Ben Davies began this season in the form of his life. Two goals and as many assists in seven Premier League games and suddenly you’ve got fans wondering whether Spurs might be better off cashing in on Rose.

Back in action

After his first start for the North London club in 10 months against Crystal Palace last Sunday, it feels like relations are beginning to thaw.

With the home support seemingly back onside—they sang his name at the Bernabeu three weeks ago—Rose has once again been sharing his thoughts with the press.

Thankfully, his divulgences this time around are a little less inflammatory. Rather, they speak of the demons that had started to fester during his lay-off:

“This injury has been one of the most difficult periods of my life.”

“It was a bit stressful for me there [at Spurs], seeing the same faces every day. I have been impressed, jealous and angry watching Tottenham’s games.”

Say what you will about Danny Rose, you can’t deny his honesty. A very human response to a situation very people could hope to understand.

So, for heaven’s sake let’s move on now. Rose sounds motivated for the season ahead. In another interview he gave this week, he outlined his ambition to catch Man City over the coming months. ‘Nothing is won in November’, he declared.

*checks rulebook*

He’s right!

With a World Cup on the horizon and a dawning realisation that he might have to actually start playing if he hopes to skedaddle off to Manchester in the summer, Spurs might have a fully-focused, talented defender on their hands again. It’s good to have him back.

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