Ransomware Not about Money

The largest global cyber-attack ever is almost behind us but experts are beginning to suspect that the attack was not about money as previously thought. Well, the attack seemed to be all about money. However new insights from political analysts are pointing the investigation into another direction.

 The Hackers Behind WannaCry

The methods of hacking used in the WannaCry attack are similar to those that are used by cells of North Korean sleeper agents. These agents were trained in the latest techniques of coding and software development. After their training they went deep undercover in many nations. Posing mostly as IT workers. Some of them are even involved in legitimate businesses like the development of online casino games for casinos such as https://www.yebocasino.co.za/casino-games.aspx . The agents await activation from their capital before carrying out the attacks.

This group of agents is referred to as the Lazarus Group by people in the cyber security community. They are supposed to be responsible for a number of other cyber-attacks that rocked the world. These include the famous breach of Bangladesh Central Bank which led to the theft of $81 million dollars.

The methodology of the hackers is identified as the same in these attacks. The latest attack was made possible by the latest leak of hacking tools developed by the National Security Agency of America can’t hack at online casinos like sun vegas because they have a solid IT security.

The Inconsistences

This group of cybercriminals is renowned for excellent execution of objectives. As previously mentioned they are in the habit of making several millions from smaller attacks. In this attack they barely made $100 000.00. However they did manage to lock out the Russia’s Interior Ministry and Telefónica.

These seem to be strategic targets for a group of superspies with an agenda. Although it sounds like something out of a James Bond movie many states have been known to use cyber weapons. These countries include the United States of America, Iran and Russia. And the North Koreans would not attack their allay China, or would they?



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