What Is Progressive Jackpot Pooling and Why Is It So Popular?

Being a multi-million industry that depends on the availability of clients to run, casinos have been offering players bonuses since time immemorial. They may come in the form of free spins, bonus rounds, and even actual cash. The biggest bonuses of all time have been the jackpots. Progressive jackpot pooling has been introduced to make wins even bigger. 

Types of Jackpots 

Over the years, jackpots have been offered on both slot machine games and lotteries. The most popular of these being: 

  •  Fixed jackpots 

These ones remain constant throughout. They are not influenced by winnings a player makes and remain the same under all circumstances. Many a time, bonus rounds are used to trigger them. In other cases, a certain combination is required when playing casino games such as slots or roulette for real money cash. They were very popular in brick and mortar casinos because they only required fixed odds to be won. 

  • Progressive jackpots 

Unlike fixed jackpots, these ones tend to increase every time the slot is played. For each time a player hits a winning combination and gets a payout, a portion of their winnings is contributed to the jackpot amount. The amount increases depending on the number of players that are playing the slot machine game. They tend to offer higher amounts than fixed ones since the money increases as the players increase. This aspect makes them more popular than the fixed ones. 

This type was introduced once casino games were made available on the online platform. This allowed the winnings of numerous players to be combined into one system and easily calculated to determine the amount of the jackpot. 

Pooled Progressive Jackpots 

With numerous advancements in the casino business, casinos are always looking for ways to entice their clients. Hence, pooled progressive jackpots were introduced to the game. This kind operates in a similar way like progressive jackpots. They only differ in that instead of the jackpot being on one slot machine, the system is linked to numerous slot machines. Therefore, players indulging in all the linked slots contribute a portion of their winnings to the pooled progressive jackpot. 

In most cases, only slot machine games that are available to a large number of players are used. This is because normal slot machines are limited in the number of players, and the amount contributed would be too little to grasp the attention of players. Progressive jackpots are provided in two types: 

  • Local linked slots. This type is provided from slot machines that belong to only one casino. This means that players can indulge in the slot machine game of their choice and they get a chance at the jackpot. 

  • State-linked slots. This type covers a wider arena. Money for the pooled progressive jackpot is drawn from games in various casinos of a specific city or state. In some cases, the network can be so big that it covers different states. There are no limitations to just how large a network this progressive jackpot can cover. Due to the large proximity area covered by these systems, state-linked ones tend to come with a heftier amount than the local ones. 

Popularity of Pooled Progressive Jackpots 

Even though they have only been recently introduced to the gambling scene, they are fast gaining popularity that surpasses that of the fixed and progressive jackpots. 

The biggest contributor to their popularity is the fact that they offer higher payouts than any others in casinos. Since their systems can include more gamblers than any other ones, the win can become considerably big. In most cases, ordinary jackpots can only go as high as one hundred thousand dollars. Pooled progressive jackpots, on the other hand, can surpass the five hundred million dollar mark. 

Players find pooled progressive jackpots convenient because they do not have to risk too much money to get a chance to win it. Since only a portion of winnings is taken from the total payout received, no holes have to be burnt into one’s pocket. Therefore, one can be part of the fun without having to worry about emptying their wallet. Additionally, the amount contributed by everyone is the same as are the chances of winning the total amount. 

Another reason for their popularity is the fact that they can be won at any time during play. This is unlike others that require a specific icon combination or hand to be won. Therefore, all players are provided with the hope of walking away as the winner of the jackpot. 


Progressive jackpot pooling has become one of the most popular marketing strategies in casinos today. The large amount of money they offer works to create a large client base that keeps growing as the amount of the jackpot increases. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most casinos and gaming software developers are looking to adopt the culture. 

Net Entertainment is one of the software providers that have been successful in this respect. They have four slots linked in their progressive jackpot pooling system. They are; 

  • Hall of Gods 

  • Arabian Nights 

  • Mega Fortune 

  • Mega Fortune Dreams 

These slots are some of their most renowned productions. With one of the widest fan following in the world, the pooled progressive jackpot amount has risen beyond seventeen million euros. The jackpot prize is available to gamblers enjoying the four slots in any of the casinos that provide them worldwide. 



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