Premier League – the embodiment of instability

Although last season in Premier League, a new champion was obtained since the highest rank restructuring, the fight for the title was the most uninteresting ever. Still, the fights for other positions were interesting, like JerkDolls porn games. Although Liverpool had the most titles before the Premier League era in 1992, this is the first time since the elite league has that name. As a result, Liverpool became the seventh champion of the Premier League, after Manchester United, Blackburn, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Leicester, and the fifth in this decade and the sixth in this century. 

The Reds won the Premier League most dominantly, the league where the champion was decided the earliest. But with this triumph of Liverpool, the Premier League has become the league with the most champions in this decade, counting all top five European leagues. And it happened at the very end of the decade. Since 2011, that epithet has been held by the Premier League together with the French Ligue 1, in which the titles were won by Lille, Montpellier, Paris Saint-Germain, and Monaco. In Spain, three teams have won titles this decade, Real, Barcelona, and Atletico, and the Bundesliga and Serie A are nowhere near the Premier League and Ligue 1 with only two champions each. 

The fact that in three of the five strongest European leagues in at least the last three years, champions are the same, speaks about how privileged it has become to have a league in which there is someone else who can win the title, making it exciting as anal porn games. There is always a battle between Barcelona and Real in Spain, and they have been changing for the last six years. In addition to Liverpool and City, Chelsea and Leicester also won titles in the Premier League at that time, and not so long ago, Manchester United took the trophy, so it is legitimate to say in the Premier League before each season that there are at least three candidates for the title. 

The last decade has proved that there was also a war in the Premier League regarding survival. It sounds unbelievable that in this decade, only seven teams managed to preserve their Premier League status all the time. In addition to the Big Six clubs, only Everton also managed that. It is the smallest of all leagues, and when you look at the whole century, only six teams managed to compete in the company of the best all the time, since City played in the Championship at the beginning of the century. 

The Premier League clubs, except last season, did not make the best results in Europe, at least not better than the Spaniards. That is why there is a debate about which league is better. But from this, it is clear why the Premier League is so much watched and popular because absolutely nothing is known and anyone can reach heights and then fall into the abyss. 

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