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Wedding is an exciting event for every girl. But bachelorette party is also a memorable happening as the bride and her closest friends are getting together and having fun as they never had before. This event requires careful planning and responsible attitude; therefore, some women decide hiring specialist to take of everything. On the other, planning party by yourself is an interesting activity, and bridesmaids are often responsible for creating this getaway.

Every wife-to-be has her own vision of a perfect bachelorette party: some prefer spending time at spa salons, relaxing, others leaving city for the weekend with friends and enjoying sunny days on the beach. Everything is allowed for beautiful bride, even gambling at as marriage is also a gamble in itself.

First idea to create an unforgettable party is to visit a casino. Having dinner at a fancy restaurant is a cliché, but winning some money is far more exciting. Full service spa salons are also a brilliant idea – women will look refreshed and relaxed after attending one. It is also possible to find a hotel with such services far from the city.

If your girls love loud music, cocktails and dancing – disco party is the best option for your band. Try finding themed parties, like 70’s or 80’s – great mood is guaranteed. Karaoke bars is another option to have fun. Those, who have extra money to spend on time off may think about island vacations. Such trips may come for a good price in off-season package. And one more crazy idea – attend a strip-club! Why not? It is your night!



Recommendations on how to spend the night before the Big day

Every bride wants to look perfect at her wedding and feel no sadness. In order to achieve this goal, try following these easy recommendations:

  • This day is as sentimental for your parents as it is for you. Don’t forget spending some time alone with mother, tell her about your hopes and worries and, like no one else, she will be able to calm you down.
  • Put your phone away and forget about social media as you will only get distracted.
  • Extra sleep is essential for you to relax and have some rest before the big event.
  • Forget about alcohol on night before the wedding or you are risking waking up with a headache.
  • Look through wedding vow and speech as you can still add something. Rehearsal will be useful.
  • Choose food wisely to avoid bloating and drink a lot of water.

These suggestions will help you to be more prepared for the event and look refreshed and happy.

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