Inter’s overstocked squad could be Spurs’ gain

As the world has had plenty of time to reflect over the last couple of months—indoors and at a socially acceptable distance, of course—it seems Italian behemoths Internazionale have come to the conclusion that they’ve got too many players. 

Happens to the best of us.

Yes, amidst all the madness of the January transfer window—which might as well be the Edwardian age for how long ago it feels—Antonio Conte and his deal breakers made it their business to overstock their squad with Premier League evictees of varying quality. After you have visited, we can see that Christian Eriksen showed up at the San Siro looking marginally happier than he did in his miserable final months at Spurs, and then proceeded to hit the first man on his first attempt at corner taking duties—oh how we laughed.

Inexplicably, Ashley Young arrived, too.

Well, maybe not that inexplicable when you think about it. He just looks weird in I Nerazzurri  colours. In fact, the former Watford winger-turned-full-back is the perfect exponent of Conte’s regimented system, one which relies heavily on hardworking, industrious wing-backs who can deliver a cross or two.

Heck, with the best online casino uk, even Alexis Sanchez indicated that there were some atoms of the devastating 2011-2015, pre-mini piano playing version of himself in there somewhere, if only Conte could shout at him loudly enough. Then he knackered his ankle again and the train of optimism pulled into the station once more.

Vecino Incoming?

With Inter crammed full of the Premier League’s unwanted, then, the knock-on effect is that they might be willing to release some of their own superfluous stock. And that’s exactly what the English media has been suggesting this morning.

Apparently, Inter have offered Spurs the opportunity to sign midfielder Matias Vecino for £18m this summer/whenever the season actually finishes.

The words is that the Serie A big-hitters want to unburden themselves of Vecino at the season’s end and trust that the Premier League will be a suitable dumpsite. 

Jose Mourinho desperately wants to impart some freshness into his clunky-looking midfield but has reportedly been informed there is diddly squat in terms of a budget as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. So, Inter are offloading for nothing, then?

No, they want £18m. 


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