International breakdown

Kane on target

So what have Spurs fans learnt so far during this international break? What new information rolls around their brains about our talented, cosmopolitan squad, that they didn’t know seven days ago?

Let’s start with stuff they definitely didn’t need to be told:

Harry Kane sure knows how to take a penalty. On both occasions that he bore down on Bulgaria’s unfortunate Plamen Iliev—the man tasked with stopping the England captain’s laser-guided spot-kicks—the outcome was all but guaranteed. Kane doesn’t miss penalties for England. He larrups them with such power, precision and confidence, it makes you wonder why everyone’s technique isn’t just smash it into the corner has hard as you can

It all seems so obvious now. Like visiting rand online casinos. If you kick it that hard and neatly into the corner, no-one, and I mean no-one is saving it.

Kieran tripping

Meanwhile Kieran Trippier put in a reassuringly familiar performance. The likes of which Atletico fans probably haven’t yet been subjected to. Dangerous enough going forward, capable of whipping in a dangerous cross or two; positionally catastrophic. Just visit official website, Diego Simeone hasn’t turned water into wine just yet. 

Across the water, in Miami, Florida, of all places. We’d all probably assume that Davinson Sanchez is stronger than Neymar. But in a momentary tryst during Brazil’s friendly with Colombia on Saturday, we found out for sure. The Brazilan forward bounced off Sanchez’s shoulder like a child on a trampoline. Welcome back, Neymar!

Great Dane

In other well duh news. Christian Eriksen is capable of dominating the midfield in a game against Gibraltar. Who knew? He also had no problems firing in two penalties. They weren’t dispatched quite as assuredly as his teammate Kane, but he never really looked liked missing. 

So what did we learn from the international break? Nothing much by the sounds of it. Other than the fact Giovani Lo Celso appears to have more robust ankle ligaments than Harry Kane. Looking at a still from the horror tackle he received against Chile on Friday, you’d assume his ankle had been reduced to atoms. Thankfully he escaped unscathed. Phew.

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