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It’s probably safe to assume this might not unfold quite as it did last time around. Not that we’re a different team than we were three months ago, just the likelihood of us scoring nine in one game again is verging on the improbable, if not the down-right impossible. In fact, the odds in favour of such an event would almost certainly reach numbers that my brain would have trouble computing. Leaving me with that look of deadness about the eye which would cause onlookers to think I’d suffered an aneurism.

We don’t need nine goals on Sunday, or, indeed, a performance of such indulgence. Merely a win. Nothing fancy- just a harping back to the days of August and September when three points were the norm rather than the abnormal. Before someone took sandpaper to our wooden strikers and blunted them. In short, we need a war-cry, not an apologetic cough in the face of Martinez’s Wigan. Let’s get this season back on the rails.

Good news, if ever I heard it, comes in the form of a successfully rebuilt Aaron Lennon whose impeding homecoming looks set for the weekend. An operation, we’ve been informed, wasn’t needed after all- a relief for all concerned. Particularly Lennon, whose anatomy’s most delicate part they were planning on carving. Just terrific. Possibly not so for Wigan. I was informed a few days ago that Erik Edman had since moved on from the DW- in no small part thanks to his Barry Chuckle shift at our place – so it’ll be someone else’s job to keep shackles on the motor-footed one. Here’s hoping six weeks on the shelf hasn’t dulled his powers.

No team talk from me, then. Or any suggestion of what Harry’s team selection might be. Just fingers firmly betwixt in hope. A win, a win, a win.

Anything else might just bring on that aneurism.

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  1. avatar young yid says:

    im expecting/hoping for a 3-1 win

    also new tottenham blog

  2. I don’t know, sometimes my journalistic skills are as quick as bloomin’ cliff erosion.

  3. avatar sambo says:

    I have it on good authority – a Wigan season ticket holder – that the surface at the DW is doing a very passable impression of a ploughed field… not sure how our boys fluid passing game will stand up. And lets face it they are going to be bang up for this, I envisage a extremely tricky afternoon.

    Dude, where’s my Kranjcar has to start if Azza can’t, as we only seem to win when one or both are involved.


  4. avatar KayBee says:

    I think we should long ball hoof it upfield to Crouch, who I’d like to not see on the scoresheet again. Ideally we’d bypass the ball-players in the midfield completely. Hopefully Defoe will be off form again, too, frittering away 4 good chances for every attempt he gets on target, and constantly being found offside.

    I’d also like to see a senseless booking or two, especially for Palacios, and Tom Huddlestone remaining utterly predictable, shaping up for screaming shots on goal that invariably go high or wide, whilst Wilson has to do the majority of his leg-work.

    Harry failing to make a much needed substitution when things blatantly aren’t going our way would also be really nice.

    • avatar sambo says:

      Ouch! That’s stinging… but sadly spot on, do we really have to wait for fit again Lennon before things change?

      It sounds like Defoe is the new Andy Cole, expect the Munich’s to come in with a mega bucks offer to take him to the Glazer dome in the summer then!

  5. avatar KayBee says:

    Sorry, I’m a sarcastic cow. 🙂

    The rot, for me, started quite some time before Lennon’s injury, but his return can only improve us, right?

    You’re right to mention Defoe; I think he’s missed Lennon more than anyone realises.

    • avatar sambo says:

      No worries, it goes with the territory of being a yid!

      I think that Niko has been a big miss, he was in a fine run of form before ‘Arry benched him for Bentley and his absence has coincided with our dip in form.

    • avatar KayBee says:


      Just like Awsome Dawson and Bassong had kept, what? Six clean sheets in a row, then Harry decides to change it and Bassong hasn’t looked the same since.

      Niko’s been benched for Luka though, surely? I know he was tried on the right, but he’s mostly a leftie?

      All I can say is thank heavens for Baler, a real ray of sunshine for us in 2010!

      • avatar Trembly says:

        We had Bale on the left and Azza on the right before if I remember. Exciting wasn’t it. At that time, during Jols reign, Baler then got injured and Azza wasn’t always delivering with the final ball. But the pace and skill to terrify defences is what I’m craving. What to do with Modders and Krankie? That would be a grrat problem to have.

        • avatar KayBee says:

          Ditto – I wouldn’t be adverse to having Bale as a LW when Benny returns, although my friend Kev scoffs at me for such a suggestion.

          But you’re right – what happens to Modric and Niko?

          (I’m no fan of Huddlestone, so I have at least one idea about that!)


  6. I’m gonna have to miss this one as me and my Gooner girl are going to the coast this weekend. I can’t say I’m sorry to miss it as it will be a shit pitch, Wigan playing a 10-0 formation, and endless power balls to Crouch. That said, I think we’ll win it, as lumps to 3MP is probably a suitable tactic for this type of game.

    Expect Gud to start then 😉

  7. avatar JimmyG2 says:

    Poor pitch, yet another excuse for Harry not to play Pavlyuchenko I’m afraid.
    That boy and his agent have seriously upset Harry who should be big enough to rise above it.
    Unfortunately he’s not.
    Crouch and Defoe it is then with Gudjohnsen to make a half-heated cameo appearance in the last 20 minutes.
    Why would Harry cut off his nose to spite his face?. Because he’s human and fallable like everyone else.

    Prove me wrong Harry

  8. avatar Spiritual Advisor says:
  9. avatar KayBee says:

    Modric and Pav totally changed that game.

    Can it be any coincidence? I expect both of them have seen a few rough ol’ pitches in their time.

    • avatar Trembly says:

      Next thing you’ll say is that Bobby Keane will come back a better player having played on some of those spl pitches! 😉

      I do see where you’re coming from though, Russia, Croatia, and Bosnia’s pitches during the majority of the year can’t be that much better than yesterdays mud wrestling pit.

  10. avatar Aiden says:

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