Harry Kane is not everyone’s cup of tea

Harry Kane scored a hat-trick for England at the weekend, his second for his country after hitting three past a genuinely woeful Panama side at last year’s World Cup. Now, most people would agree that scoring a treble for your nation of birth is a nailed-on good thing. What could possibly suck the joy of that wholesome and noteworthy achievement?

Ladies and gentlemen, I turn your attention to Twitter.

Some bright sparks on everyone’s favourite social media cesspool have noticed that a good majority of those goals Kane scored against Bulgaria and Panama, were penalties. And the others, looking at internet sports betting, well they were either from close-range or were deflected. Thus proving that Kane is overrated and a mere tap-in merchant. They’ve done the maths. He’s shite. 

Of course Kane has his weaknesses; not many but he has them. He’s not blisteringly quick and sometimes his single-mindedness in attacking positions can be to the detriment of his teammates. Exhibit A. His reluctance to square it to Raheem Sterling against Croatia in Russia last summer. Something he’s often reminded on social media.

But to suggest is Kane is just a tap-in peddlar or overrated is just willfully thick-headed. In an age where opinions are formed from snapshots and 10 second highlights, or sometimes from thin air, you really need to look at Kane’s body of work as a whole. According to many online sportsbooks, he’s a staggeringly complete striker who scores sh*t loads of goals. Every season. And he plays for your country. I mean, lads. Come on. 

It wasn’t that long ago, Euro 2012 in fact, that our stable of strikers included Andy Carroll, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck. Who have three 10+ goal Premier League seasons between them. You’d rather that was your options? How about a year later when our forward line rested on the shoulders of Ricky Lambert.

Eugh. Gary Neville had it right, Twitter just isn’t real life. Because no-one in real life could come to the conclusion that Harry Kane, scorer of 187 goals in his last 271 games, is overrated.

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