Fun Facts About Tottenham’s New Stadium

Wembley Stadium, Spurs’ temporary home for next season

The futures never looked brighter for Tottenham than it does at this very moment, a great squad and a fantastic manager really have turned our fortunes around recently and started to make us hope!

Also, as we’re sure you’re all aware by now – we’re all moving! We’ve got to play all our home games at Wembley while our brand spanking new stadium is in the process of being built. What’s the new name for this stadium? Nobody knows yet, so it’s been given the imaginative name of ‘New White Hart Lane’ – I think I quite like it, to be honest.

We’re going to give you a rundown of all we’ve learned from researching into the new features of the new home for Spurs – which will be ready just in time for the 2018/2019 season.

The Cost

All good things come at a price and this stadium is going to cost an eye-watering £750 million, especially considering it was first apparently going to cost £400 million! Oh well, at least it’ll look nice…

The Capacity

The stadium will have a 61,000-seat capacity, which is almost double the previous 32,000 seats the old White Hart Lane used to be able to hold! The pedantic among us might lament how they missed a trick not finding a way to add 3000 more seats so we don’t have to say ‘almost double’, but let’s not take away from the fact that it’s a massive improvement!

The Pitch

While most of the events staged here are going to be football matches, the new stadium is going to host some NFL games and music concerts once it is finally up and running. Because of this, the pitch is specifically designed to be retractable to make it far easier for staff to prep the ground.

The Seats

For those in the regular (cheap) seats, you won’t see a whole lot of difference, but for those that fork out for a premium seat there are two interesting inclusions to the seating arrangements.

Firstly, these seats will possess USB ports so people will be able to charge their phones during the game, hopefully they won’t be tempted to record the entire game on it.

Secondly, the seats will also be heated. This will make a massive difference in the winter when you’re hugging yourself for ninety minutes trying to savour that little bit of warmth!

The Glass Wall

If you’re absolutely loaded, then you can pay £30,000 for two memberships to the Tottenham premium fan membership. Perks of this include the ability to go and watch the players line up in the tunnel before the game behind a glass wall. Sounds a bit ‘London Zoo exhibition’ if you ask us…

The Bar

Is football worth it without the possibility of a pre-match pint? Problem is, it’s damn-near impossible to get served with the ques that accumulate before a match starts. Not here though, as the new stadium will boast a beer-delivery system that can apparently pour 10,000 pints a minute and the longest bar in the United Kingdom – coming in at a whopping 86 metres. Let’s just hope they put enough staff behind it!

The Unusual Amenities

If you’re ever at the match and you think to yourself: “Oh God, I forgot to get that loaf the Mrs asked for!” Fear not. New White Hart Lane will possess its own in-house bakery. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite there will also be an option for cheese at half term if you belong to the prestigious ‘H Club’.

With all these great inclusions within the new stadium let’s hope they don’t forget to stock the football equipment so we can actually enjoy the game that we’ve gone to watch!

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