From the Vault: 5 magical moments for Spurs’ first foray into the Champions League

Ah, take me back! Remember Tottenham’s maiden Champions League campaign back in 2010? That was a laugh, wasn’t it? For all the ignominy and clouds that surrounded Harry Redknapp’s departure in 2012, from Young Boys to Madrid, no one could possibly say that he didn’t provide some of the most entertaining evenings under the lights in Europe’s premier competition.

Let’s relive some of the 5 best moments from that eventful campaign.

Crouch Hits Three Against Young Boys

Nothing could’ve happened if it weren’t for the oft-maligned marksman, and this was just one of numerous, crucial contributions in the 2010/11 season. Bloody hell, we’re three-nil down, said the fan’s collective after just thirty minutes in Bern. A right old mess and no mistake. Courtesy of some neat finishing from Three-Metre-Peter in the return leg, though, Spurs’ campaign was officially on its legs. Dreams of Barcelona, Madrid, and Milan could start in earnest. 


Gomes Foils The Rossoneri

Crouch, again, would be remembered as the man who clinched it, with a little help from a turbo-heeled Aaron Lennon. But the series of saves that put a middle finger up to the laws of physics on one hand and kept Ibrahimovic and co. at bay on the other gave life to the dream. And a vital win in Italy. A shame, then, that it had to end so wretchedly for the Brazilian against Madrid. 


Super Duper Luka Modric first CL goal

The fulcrum of everything that was dazzling about this Spurs side in Europe. The diminutive maestro scored the second goal in Spurs’ three-nil win over Werder Bremen. Velcro-like first touch, beautifully crafted second, and oh that’ll be a goal, then. Thank you and good night. 


The Many Faces of Rafael Van der Vaart

FC Twente at the Lane. A missed penalty, a humdinger of a volley, a sending off. All in a brilliant but bonkers night’s work for the mercurial man of Oranje. Few will forget his lung-swelling efforts against the Dutch champions; a shift so packed with enthusiasm and lust for the game that it ultimately cost him his full quota of minutes. Stuck around to cheer the chaps on, with the enthusiasm of a visit to, though. Which was ruddy decent of him. A hero is born. 

Err… Van der Vastico!

Bale, Bale, Bale

I’m sure you’ve all seen this, but it paints the scene rather well, I think. The night that Gareth Bale destroyed Champions League holders Inter Milan and announced himself on the world stage. I wonder what happened to him?

Taxi For Maiconistico!


No, you’re crying…

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