The Most Famous Football Wives of America

Behind the great achievements of great men are always women. They sometimes make their contribution invisibly, secretly and delicately. So, not to hurt the pride of her chosen one. Sometimes they affect the fate of their men clearly, without mysterious hints and meaningful gestures. In any case, it is difficult to deny the fact that it is very difficult for a man to become a person, a professional in the chosen field of activity if he does not have a loving woman near him who is ready to support him, sometimes with advice and sometimes with action.

Any professional sportsman, if he already has at least a little bit of life experience, will sign to every word from the previous paragraph. Especially if this athlete is an NFL player. Which women follow the best of the best in this hard, sometimes even cruel sport? We suggest looking at some of them closer – these women are worth your attention.

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The Former Supermodel, the Dream of Every Man – Gisele Bundchen

 Tom Brady, Quarterback of New England Patriots, can be called the happiest man in the world – after all, he got the very Gisele Bundchen, the most desired of the Angels of Victoria’s Secret. This girl does not resemble those former supermodels who, at the end of a career, meaninglessly burn  life and the capital accumulated during years of labor. Gisele is actively engaged in charity and is the UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Despite the employment, the couple has time to successfully bring up two children.

The Golden Voice of America, Ciara

 In 2016, in the life of Russell Wilson, talented quarterback of Seattle Hawks, there was a very important event – he married the no less talented singer and superstar Ciara. She, by the way, got a Grammy in far 2006! Just imagine what a halo of success surrounds this pair. The most pleasant thing is that their success is based not only on money, but also on people’s love and recognition. Any artist or athlete will confirm that this is much more important than mansions and expensive cars.

Like Gisele Bundchen, Ciara prefers an active lifestyle. She recently signed a model contract. By the way, in 2017 a very joyful event happened in the couple – Russell and Ciara had a beautiful daughter.

Abby McGrew, Philanthropist and Specialist in the Fashion World

This charming blonde is the wife of the quarterback New York Giants, Eli Manning. Eli loved her not only for her beauty, but also for her kind heart. Abby took an active part in the construction of the holistic birth center, in addition, the girl helps save lives in New York’s St. Vincent’s Hospital. The couple lives a happy life and brings up three children.

Kristin Cavallari, Fashion Designer and TV Star

Since June 7, 2013, Kristin is married to football player Jay Cutler (quarterback of Miami Dolphins), whom she met 2 years before their wedding. The couple have three children: two sons, Camden Jack Cutler and Jaxon Wyatt Cutler, and a daughter – Sailor James Cutler.

Kristin is engaged in movies too. You could see her in such films like:

  • Veronica Mars

  • Fingerprints

  • The Middle

  • The League

Model Kia Proctor

Cam Newton, quarterback of Carolina Panthers can boast a variety of sports trophies, but the main achievement of his life is the heart of Kia Proctor. This charming model gave him two children and a happy family life, despite the fact that they are not officially married.


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